Building Your Own Chicken House

Chickens make an excellent backyard pet. They are great for the garden as they eat up all the bugs that would otherwise munch on your favorite plants, and provide year-round fertilizer. People enjoy collecting their eggs, which are said to be healthier and tastier than those bought from the store. And chickens make a great conversation starter! If you are thinking about keeping your own flock of hens, it is important to have a good chicken house available for them to use.

When it comes to building a house for them, chickens are not fussy about looks. A collaboration of scrap materials will be viewed just as favorably as a masterpiece made of expensive timber. The main considerations are: whether the house is dry, clean and dark. Choose materials that will keep out the weather and any potential predators.

Design your hen house to allow for easy access to water and food, a good supply of fresh air and light. A good idea is to install windows with tough mesh coverings. Cross-ventilation can be achieved by locating windows on opposite sides of the house.

If your hen house is too big to benefit from a hinged lid, then doors can provide a way in for cleaning and collecting eggs. A ramp outside the door will make it easier for hens to get in and out.

The size of your hen house will reflect the number of chickens you will be keeping. Each chicken should have a nesting box and a good amount of perching space. They will need room to stretch and flap their wings.

Dampness is bad for the health of your chooks. A concrete base or a house built up on wooden stilts can help keep your hens safe from moisture. They will be most comfortable if they have plenty of wood shavings or hay lining the bottom of their house and their nesting boxes.
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