Buy Gold Eagles – The World’s Favorite Gold Coins

The United States Mint sometimes stops minting American Eagle coins, usually because supply is much less than the powerful demand. This of course is both good and bad news for those in gold Eagle investing. On the negative side, there are fewer gold Eagles available for purchase, but on the bright side, the coins you already have in your possession are seeing a steady climb in value due to unprecedented consumer demand. In the end, this means that if you buy Gold Eagles, they are still amongst the smartest options available for any American investor.

If you wish to buy gold Eagles, luckily there are options outside of buying directly from the US Mint, and either way you can rest easy knowing that gold prices are going strong and that they are still steadily rising.

And of course, with social security drying up and fewer and fewer companies offering solid 401k plans, many people about to retire are choosing to buy gold eagles, as they may well be the best option for those hoping to live out their retirement years in comfort.

Our advice is to just not worry too much about the gold Eagles being suspended. It would be nice if they could get some more coins out there before they end the 2009 Ultra High Relief Program, but remember that the only reason the coins are being suspended in the first place is that demand has reached an incredible all time high, while in the meantime, the Mint is quickly running out of resources to produce enough coins to meet these demands. If you know anything about basic economics, then you also know that this is good news for anyone currently holding Gold Eagle investments.

Demand will most likely continue to rise as the economy still isn’t in the best of shape, as the current crisis is really what has driven the demand for the metal up in the first place. It is unfortunate that so many people wait until economic crisis to turn to smarter investment options like investment grade coins, but, as Kurt Vonnegut would say, so it goes. Because of this, we can’t be entirely certain that the US Mint will be able to keep up with the ever-growing demand for these beautiful coins.

Bottom line, your coin investments are going strong, they’ve been growing, they continue to grow, and the trend tends to suggest that they will keep growing in the future.

The US Mint is putting all available 22-karat blanks towards these investment grade coin programs, so it won’t be too long before things are back on track. Until then, just relax and enjoy the comfort and security that your coin investment has provided you with thus far. Nobody enjoys a recession, but at least these times are going a little easier on those who had the foresight to buy gold Eagles before the value of the dollar became a serious issue.