Buy Gps And Win Any Prizes In The Wide Spread Of E-line To Bring Back The User – Either E-line, Car


to expand the influence of GPS handheld television, handheld television CMMB GPS driving sales, in May 2010, he was widely spread in E line of work as well as dealers across the country, give full play to their strengths throughout the country started “Buy any E line to win 10 million GPS Award” linkage sweepstakes. Activities during any of E-line purchase of digital TV GPS consumers can enter the draw simply register, all registered customers are eligible for the welfare of 2 yuan of prize money. Currently users have baked the first prize, the winning information can be CMMB official website or call 400-600-5577.

Sweepstakes page

As the wide dissemination of a strategic partner, either E-line hand-held TV GPS CMMB took the lead gift in the value of 432 yuan for three years free of charge “eyes color of China” CMMB mobile digital TV package. CMMB any line of navigation products built-E CA decryption function can be normal even if the encrypted mobile digital TV programs to watch. Were presented the “eye color in China” television package, free of charge in three years to watch television channels encryption.

Users to purchase any E line of CMMB terminals, while no additional purchase decryption card, do not need to pay a separate fee, from April 18, 2010, the consumer as long as the purchase of any E line of navigation products built CMMB chip , the boot that is free of charge within three years, watching or listening CCTV-1, CCTV-5, CCTV-News, eye color film, a channel provinces, municipalities a channel 6 television sets and 2 sets of radio. From 1 May onwards, you can also receive “eye color Finance”, “eye color navigation” and value-added services. Watch the program from the bandwidth limits, no traffic charges, operation is simple, clear and smooth images, image quality.

User information registration page

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Event details, see:

Time: From January 28, 2010 onwards? January 31, 2011.

Prizes: The annual prize worth 10 million yuan, the annual number of winning more than 10 million people.

Activity participation methods: All activities of the month at the GPS products registered user may participate in the lottery next month. Registration form is divided into the following two:

Registered way: Log, click on the “must win prizes”, prompted, select the user location, type CA card number, name, phone number can be registered.

Registration form 2, edit text “ZC # user attribution to long-distance telephone area code # CA Card # Name” to send to 1066958818 can be registered.

Draw method: random lucky draw winners each randomly generated by the system.

Draw Time: The drawing is done every month. Draw time is the first Monday of the month at 10 am (case of extended public holidays). The winners will be published on the website, users can call 400-600-5577 winning details.

Prizes: 10

Grand Prize, prizes for the prize worth 4,999 yuan;

50 first prize, prizes for the value of a prize of 2,000 yuan;

200 second prize, prizes for the prize worth 1,000 yuan;

10,000 third prize, prizes for the equivalent value of 50 prizes.

Prizes worth more than tax and postage included, the specific lottery prize to be announced before each of the subject.

Programme Notes: Users must register

CA real card number and phone number, and retain CA card number in order to verify identity when Duijiang.

CA card number can not be fully registered, each registered mobile phone number only once, winning only once per user each opportunity.

List of winners will be spread widely published on the official website, staff will be active within 20 working days and the winners contact Duijiang appropriate. SABUNG AYAM