Buy Your Winter Warmers Organically

The winter months of 2009 were some of the coldest on record in the UK with temperatures often reaching records lows in various places and news stories of record snow fall also in full effect. These bitter temperatures often caused great discomfort for the masses be it waiting for the bus to work, standing on the football terraces or even just walking the dog.

With those kinds of conditions it pays to spend the extra bit of money on high quality outdoor clothing or at least having the layers to wrap up to keep warm. Aside from your hat and gloves, top quality hoodies and jumpers are always useful to keep you warm through the colder months.

In recent years fair trade has risen in popularity and become a well known and respected campaign, aiming to give producers of raw materials a fair price where they have previously been exploited and have struggled to make a living, on the money they earned from multi-national organisations. The campaign has helped prevent this kind of exploitation in many areas of the world, but the only way this can expand further is through further demand for fair trade products. Common examples of fair trade products include coffee beans, cocoa beans, fruit, rice and cotton amongst other products. An increased impact could be gained by the consumer choosing Fair trade products over the usual products they purchase.

When buying your winter outdoor clothing there is often an option to buy your clothes ethically, there are now various outlets on the high streets of most major towns and cities that produce their products with ethically sourced materials. These high street stores produce their products through ethically sourced materials such as cotton and have proven its possible to pay that little bit extra for the materials while producing quality goods and still being an economically viable business. Buying your winter warmers from these businesses not only help you to keep extra warm in the winter but also help the wider community by giving the producer at the other end of the spectrum a greater quality of life.

If you are not sure on the high street retailers operating as a fair trade enterprise a quick bit of research online through the Fair trade website will help you identify the key fair trade organisations. SABUNG AYAM