Bvlgari – The World Of Fashion

Talk about high end and luxury goods and for sure the name Bvlgari would pop up. Bvlgari has been one of the most popular luxury brands the world has ever known. The brand name was named after the Greek fashion designer Sotirio Bvlgari, who founded the company in Rome, Italy in 1884. Since then, the name has spelled luxury and has become synonymous with premium items and high-end goods.

Bvlgari perfumes are one of the top products bearing the name. Actually, it took some time before the company decided to have its own line of perfumes. The release of the line of perfumes by Bvlgari was made in the 1990s and very well ushered the diversification initiative of the company.

Experts and observers were then awed at the way the company astonished the world with its diversification. Bvlgari perfumes indeed succeeded in its purpose, and that was to make the Bvlgari name more known and more prominent all over the world.

The launch of Bvlgari perfumes also followed the offshore expansion of the company itself. From its roots and headquarters in Rome. Bvlgari started having lucrative businesses and operations in several important global cities like Monte Carlo, Geneva, New York and Paris.

Now, there are more than 150 locations where Bvlgari is operating and making its presence felt. Bvlgari acknowledges the great help and advantage its Bvlgari perfumes line has been bringing to the company.

Now, whenever the name Bvlgari is mentioned, people cannot help but associate it primarily with the exquisite and very impressive Bvlgari perfumes. It simply is impossible not to think about Bvlgari perfumes whenever the name Bvlgari is raised and mentioned.

For more than a century, the name Bvlgari has always been a name representing style and luxury. Italian style in jewelry has never been as popular until Bvlgari made its mark and awed a lot of women and men.

The company itself is a symbol of strength and reliability. Managed by family members, Bvlgari is simply one of the most strongly performing companies of all time. The 1996 listing of Bvlgari’s shares in Italy’s stock market Borsa Italiana has opened a lot of other doors of opportunities for Bvlgari.

In fact, the firm has enjoyed a significant 150% growth from 1997 to 2003. In addition, most analysts attribute that strength to loyalty and patronage of clients, especially on Bvlgari’s signature fragrances and luxury goods.

Bvlgari perfumes became the company’s gauge into trying out other ventures for growth. After the imminent and obvious success of the fragrance lines, along with the still strong and robust demand for Bvlgari luxury goods, Bvlgari has been aggressive in trying out other initiatives.

In 2000s, the company launched its Bvlgari Hotels and Resorts. As you know it, the asset is still under the luxurious line of Bvlgari’s path. The hotels operate in Milan and in Bali as of the moment.

Bvlgari has come a long way, from jewelry to luxury goods to Bvlgari perfumes and now to hotels, there is no doubting the fact that towards the future, the name Bvlgari would always ring a bell to all of us. The brand has really become a symbol of corporate and brand strength.
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