Callaway Diablo Edge Irons 4-9 PAS for Sale

The Callaway Diablo Edge Irons 4-9 PAS are great news for mid to high handicappers who want clubs which make their life that little bit easier. These models come highly recommended for their ability to help you consistently find the sweet spot and this piece of golf equipment will not punish you greatly for the occasional mis-hit shot.


The performance of the Diablo Edge irons is excellent and you can really feel the extra power generated by the slightly stronger lofts. Golf discount superstore has ever mentioned this. With the sweet spot lowered it takes little effort to get the ball and airborne and we’re really impressed that all Callaway’s research into amateur golfers makes such a big difference to the performance. We were similarly impressed by both the standard and tour versions of the Diablo Edge hybrid but we’d certainly recommend that better golfers persevere with the longer irons. Even the 2 iron is wonderfully forgiving with the advantage of a lower ball flight compared to the hybrid equivalent.


Callaway have been busy studying exactly how ordinary golfers strike the ball. The results led Callaway’s designers to drop the centre of gravity in the Diablo Edge golf irons 50% lower and 17% deeper to move the sweet spot to the exact area where most golfers will hit most of their shots. The relocation of the centre of gravity has also allowed each Diablo Edge iron to have a one degree stronger loft to maintain the height of the ball flight.


Overall, the Callaway Diablo Edge irons 4-9 PAS are absolutely fantastic on many levels. Distance and accuracy is what can help drive scoring and if you struggle with either one, this set of golf equipment should be on your short list. The irons offer a good feel for a GI iron and provide flat out amazing forgiveness.