Calming the “Fight, Flight Or Freeze” Response

We often update reports of terrorism, violence, disasters and armed conflicts by listening to the news. As a result, the trauma and chronic stress has a tremendous negative effect on our health. Our physical and mental health will be suffered from an enormous toll which cannot be underestimated. This is creating severe stress, fear and anxiety. Sometimes, you don’t know how to deal with the after effects of trauma.

Trauma is defined as emotional, psychological or physiological symptoms that result from events that overwhelm the nervous system. Feelings of being out of control or helplessness may result after a traumatic experience. This could be something as seemingly non life-threatening, but traumatic none the less as a dental and medical procedure, falls, or minor car accidents.

Whenever someone has experienced trauma, whether it’s from a particular event, accident, series of traumatic events or being in a traumatic and stressful environment, our brains may still perceive messages of being in danger.

When a state of helplessness and lack of control accompanies negative life experiences, our brains are unable to rid themselves of the messages of threat. Even after the traumatic situation is over, our emotional brain still reacts to memories cues during the “fight, flight or freeze reaction”. This may be experienced when there is a similar sight, smell, situation or person that is a reminder of the original event. Emotions and body sensations show up as symptoms of anger, fear, anxiety, muscular tension or rage.

There are techniques available that do not require verbal responses such as in Healing Touch that help to extinguish the portions of traumatic memory with ease, without having to “re live the experience”.

By eliciting the natural healing processes of the body, calm and compassion is restored.

This is great for anyone that has gone through any sort of traumatic situation or accident.