Cameroon News Paul Biya wins for the sixth consecutive time

In the most recent Cameroon news, International observers have given powers that be in Cameroon the passing grade right after closely examining the presidential election on the 9th of October in the midst of prevalent opposition allegations of fraud, organizational slips and elevated voter abstentions. All over the nation, scores of folks have stated that the outcome of the election was no shocker. Current President Paul Biya, in power since 1982, was sure to win one more seven-year mandate in any case.

According to interviews conducted by the Cameroon news media the critics never agree. Lots of folks are holding ELECAM accountable for the limitation, as well as voter apathy levels considered to be the highest since the re-introduction of numerous party politics in Cameroon in 1992. More than 7.five million voters had been expected to vote but according to the Cameroon news media, a civil society organization has revealed statistics showing that the turnout price for the ballot was beneath thirty 5 %.

In interviews with the Cameroon news media, a very good quantity of residents in massive cities and commercial hubs, have stated that they did not vote due to the truth that they have been convinced that incumbent president Paul Biya and his ruling Cameroon Peoples’ Democratic Movement party, will turn out victorious.

The sociable seventy eight year old president Paul Biya has won all 3 preceding elections considering that 1990 amid opposition charges of prevalent ballot rigging. Three years ago, according to the Cameroon news media, President Biya eliminated term limits from the constitution to seek reelection this year against a twenty two contenders in the single-round ballot.