Can A School Exist Without A Curriculum?

What is the importance of having a curriculum? Is it just beneficial to the students only or somehow a mutual relationship to both teachers and students? Having an efficient school curriculum compels the profession of a teacher. It is somehow like a doctor putting medicine the supreme importance, a lawyer who considers law as his master, or even a vendor considering every centavo with maximum value.

A curriculum is being set by the school wherein students and teachers interact. The school should also include some grants for adults. Why is there a need to set a curriculum? What can a curriculum offer? What is the role of the teachers and the students? Can a school exist without a curriculum? These are some of the questions that will be answered after reading this article.

Setting a curriculum is just like setting a goal. A goal to make the students achieve there dreams. A goal that will make students successful! An effective curriculum offers teachers, administrators and students with structure and sense of progression. Curriculum can impact on both the students and the teachers. For teachers, they can have ideas and the techniques that will enable the success of the student. Without a curriculum that will serve as a guide to teachers, they can be out of their way of teaching the students. For students, curriculum gives them understanding on what they need to accomplish.

So what if a school doesn’t have a curriculum at all? Will it succeed? First of all, without having a curriculum it doesn’t give a sense of order and may confuse not only the students but also the teachers. Without an effective curriculum, students will not be able to understand or face the challenges of the society. Also, teachers will not be able to focus on the subjects that they will be teaching the students.

There are some considerations that the school should regard as in having an efficient curriculum. For example in an Elementary school, the curriculum should be focusing on the things that will make a pupil understand the basic things in life: the basic education; say for example in Math, the fundamental addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. For Secondary schools, the curriculum should be focusing on developing the adolescence of a student. It will help the awareness of the student of the society. How he or she will react to the chaos of the society. The lecturing type is a bit harder this time just say for example other complicated Mathematics branches are being taught. Sight for example the Algebra, Trigonometry, and Geometry. For tertiary schools, the curriculum must be focusing on helping the student set up for his or her own future.

With proper curriculum in this level, the student prepare in finding job. The student will eventually become successful and can provide grants for adults. He or she can be a professional depending on how well the curriculum is organized.

Now, we already gained knowledge on the importance of having an efficient education curriculum for schools. The future of the youth and the society depends partly on the curriculum set-up of the school. The school should be specific enough to present the curriculum. The students must need extra effort to meet whatever curriculum is implemented by the school. And the teachers must be teaching according to the standards given by the school. Therefore, a school as an institution needs to have an efficient curriculum for the betterment of its teachers, students, and the society. SABUNG AYAM