Can I Do It? Can I Really Learn to Play the Piano?

Sometimes, there seems to be a huge wall of questions that can keep us from starting something new, something that seems overwhelming to us. Something like, oh…starting piano. The good news is, it is not overwhelming, better said, it does not have to be.

These four questions seem to be the most common that people have before they start anything new. These questions apply to piano, school, cooking, karate, sail boarding, bingo, well, you get the idea.

1. Can I do it?

2. Why am I doing this?

3. Will I stay with it?

4. Do I have the time?

Let’s start with the question, “Can I do it?”

Can I play piano? Can I practice? Can I learn? Can I start something new at this age? Can I concentrate? Can I become a concert pianist? Can I just play my favorite songs?

Just a sidebar here, a man named John Schaum didn’t start playing piano until he was 35 and ended up writing an entire piano music course that has been used by piano teachers for decades and yes he played concerts. Self taught.

Concerning piano, the answer to the “Can I do it?” question is, “yes I can!” How? By using the pentatonic method to start your piano study you will find that you can play songs quickly and fairly easily.

Yes, the pentatonic method is a rote method that helps you develop technical skills first. You learn how to place your fingers on the black keys of the piano to create recognizable melodies and interesting accompaniments. With daily practice your technical skills improve quickly and you play songs you know and your friends and family know.

The task of learning to play the piano is broken down into manageable steps. And when any task including learning the physical skills needed to play the piano is presented in small easily handled steps, learning to play the piano becomes a more than just a task – it becomes a true joy.

So, yes, you can learn to play the piano. How about the question, “can I motivate myself to practice?” When you are learning and playing recognizable and well-known and loved melodies from the start instead of boring exercises and scales you will want to practice. You will make time to practice. You will enjoy your practice.
“Can I start something new like learning to play the piano as an adult?” Certainly. The adult mind grasps the concepts of music-making far more quickly than a child. The adult needs time to develop technical facility which is what the pentatonic method provides.

“Can I concentrate?” Again, because the rote method of learning interesting melodies with great left hand accompaniment patterns is so enjoyable and satisfying, concentration ceases to be an issue.

“Can I become a concert pianist?” Yes, if that is what you want to do. The pentatonic method will give you a start and the rest is up to you. Hours, days, weeks, months, and years of diligent focused uninterrupted practice will allow you to achieve your goal.

“Can I play my favorite songs?” Yes, if that is your desire then go for it. The pentatonic method will help you develop the technique necessary to play your favorite songs.

So, can you do it? Of course! Start today and play piano the pentatonic way.