Can This Natural Acne Cure Beat Acne Genes?

Many people with acne have heard that bad genetics have created their skin problems. Therefore, they tell you to learn to live with it. Is it possible that we have given genetics too much credit in the cause of acne. Luckily, genetically inherited acne problems can be greatly reduced with a natural acne cure.

First off, rest assured that genetic heritage is not the primary factor that determines acne. It is vital that you remain open minded to natural acne cure alternatives even if you feel a bit resistant to the idea while reading this, as it may be against everything you’ve been told.

Although this is usually the exception rather than the rule, some unlucky individuals can blame their acne problems on heredity and ANY natural acne cure will not work. But it is very likely that you are not included in this. You are probably in the 90 percentile group of those people whose acne problems can easily be resolved with a natural acne cure that, unfortunately, was virtually ignored for the past few decades.

Let me first start by citing a few studies to support my bold claim for this natural acne cure, before I go on.

According to a report from the Archives of Dermatology, there were no reported instances of active acne among a group of 115 Ache hunter-gatherers of Paraguay and 1200 Kitavan Islanders of Papua New Guinea for a period of two years. The number includes a little over three hundred teenagers as well as young adults between the ages of fifteen and twenty five years of age.

What these groups all have in common is their lack of foods found in a typical Western diet. They primarily consumed food that was low in fat and low-glycemic. The researchers stated:

“High glycemic loads in Western diets can make the acne worse by activating both acute and chronic insulin excess triggering a “hormonal cascade” including a rise of serum free insulin such as insulin growth factor 1 (IGF-1) This may stimulate follicle growth– a potent mitogen.

However, the acne-free Ache and Kitavan have high levels of insulin sensitivity, made obvious by their minimal serum levels of insulin. However the people in this category have not used benzoyl peroxide washes nor have they swallowed harmful prescription drugs while maintaining clear skin.

One study showed that by eating a healthy diet the Intuit Eskimo’s did not suffer from acne, but after adding some of the more traditional Western foods they had about the same quantity of acne cases as other Western Societies.

The introduction of Western foods caused a higher rate of acne has been noted in many non-Western populations including the Indians of Peru, the Bantu of South Africa and even the Japanese.

Do you see the pattern developing?

Recently, most people are blaming their acne issues on genetics. But as you can see, it is obvious that diets lacking in certain nutrients in are the main cause of acne.

Is salicylic acid making your skin peel? Are the side effects worth it to get rid of the acne? In many foreign countries throughout the world people used this natural acne cure to maintain clear skin…

Is this natural acne cure becoming more obvious to you? Get rid of your new and ineffective acne products, and change your food choices to reflect an anti-acne diet! That is the most effective natural acne cure of all.

You are probably wondering which foods contain the most nutrients that act as a natural acne cure. They avoid many foods found in our Western society such as white bread, pastries and sodas while eating plenty of fish, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. You should be find as long as you follow these basic principles.

If you are serious about getting rid of your acne, start eating healthier and include a few extra anti-acne nutrients to your diet!
Sabung Ayam
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