Can You Enjoy A Gluten And Wheat Free Vacation?

Whenever you’re plagued by something like Celiac Disease, where you’re gluten intolerant, it makes it hard to travel far from home. Special dietary needs have to follow you everywhere, and the only way to go and enjoy yourself is to plan ahead.

You can still go on vacation and enjoy great meals and snacks without worrying about what you’re eating or dangerous cross-contamination. As long as you prepare for it, you can have fun on your vacation and make sure you are healthy at the same time.

First, arm yourself with a list of restaurant chains in the area that you’ll be visiting so that you know which ones offer gluten-free options. Just go online and search for “gluten-free restaurants.”

Then check out specific locations and information on their gluten-free offerings since menus can vary from franchise to franchise. Several popular restaurant chains offer a good variety of gluten-free dishes.

If you have a craving for fast food, take advantage of the gluten-free items offered by Wendy’s and Chick-Fil-A. Check their websites to see where they’re located at your destination or (if you’re driving) along the way.

Some supermarket chains make lists of wheat and gluten free foods available to their customers. It would be a great idea to see if any of those supermarkets are in the area you will be visiting, in case you don’t feel like going out to eat.

Make sure you bring some gluten-free food bars from home to have in case of emergency. These are a lifesaver when you’re at the airport, or stuck somewhere without a proper snack. You have a choice of many flavors.

Two of the most well known brands for gluten free snacks are Bumble Bars and Lara Bars. You can find them online and at some retail stores. Ener-G Foods also manufactures single serving cereal packs and gluten-free bread.

Armed with your list of restaurants that offer great gluten-free items, your supermarket list, snack bars, cereal and bread packets, you’ll be more than ready to take a vacation and never have to give a moment’s thought worrying about what you’re ingesting.

Instead, you can sit back and enjoy yourself, bask in the sun, or ski down a powdery hill and be secure in the knowledge that you have the eating part of the vacation handled and won’t have to worry about your nutrition.
Sabung Ayam
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