Candle Making Equipment is Extremely Inexpensive For Everything You Need

If you are thinking of getting into candle making the great news is you will need very little candle making equipment and it’s not expensive either. In fact it’s unbelievably inexpensive and you need very little. It’s also nice that you don’t have to drive all over town to get candle making equipment because they have it all at your local craft shop.

Go there and get your wax. There a number of different types of wax and you will need to educate yourself on the differences between them to know what you want but that is outside the scope of this article. Most people starting out and even veterans use paraffin wax because it is an easy to use and an inexpensive wax. Soy wax is another good one, it is more expensive but it is a great wax if you want scented candles, but you can also use paraffin for scented candles as well.

Get a spool of wick. Get wick tabs which you will place on the bottom of your wick. You will need glue or a glue dot to put on the bottom of your wick tab. You will glue the wick tab to the bottom center of your mold to hold it in place when you pour the melted wax in the mold. Speaking of which, get some molds. Get the size you want and it is best to get a seamless mold so your candle won’t have a seam up its side. If it does have a seam no problem you can just rub out the seam.

Get a long stemmed candy thermometer. This will be useful to measure how hot the melting wax is. Do you have a long wooden spoon because if you don’t get a paint stick for stirring the melting wax.

Get pretty colored dye chips, the colors of your choice. You will stir these into the wax after it is melted. There are a wide variety of candle scents to choose from so choose one that you like. A scale is a good thing to have but if you have a bathroom scale that will be fine or a postage scale is good.

Get candle containers. These can be made out of metal or glass. These will be for your container candles (candles that you burn in a container as opposed to free standing candles made from your molds).

You can use one of the pots you have at home for melting wax but you should buy a metal pouring picture to melt your wax in they are only about $ 10. You can use your stove as a heat source or you can get a hot plate. You will need something to hold your wick in the center of the candle when the melted wax is poured. You can simply use a pop sickle stick or buy a wick bar. You can even get safety labels that you put on your candles that you give away. The labels give safety tips for burning candles.

After the small investment for your candle making equipment you will be able to make candles at a small fraction of the price you would have to pay for candles at the mall.