Canggu Villas

For the vacation of a lifetime you need look no further than the beautiful island of Bali, and for the Bali Vacation that tops all others you need look no further than the beautiful city of Canggu and the amazing private villas that are available for rent there. These mini resorts, offer you everything that you could possibly need or want during your vacation on the island. In fact with the expert staff you will never have to lift a finger or want for anything while you are at the villa.

There are a wide variety of villas that you can take advantage of. You need to make sure that you check out the internet and see what all is available. There are dozens of sites that feature Bali villas and most of them spotlight villas in Canguu. . A great many of those are located near the famous Canggu Country Club and offer access to the clubs amenities as part of their rental rates. These sites can help you select the right villa for you by letting you see floor plans, amenities and testimonials along with pricing information.

So what is included in the rental of one of these villas? First you will have access to one of these incredible villas and all the amenities that are included with them such as well-equipped and stocked kitchens, a full staff and use of the estate grounds. If the villa has membership with one of the local country clubs, or owns a private beach you will also have access to that. And many of the villas have extras such as a luxury car and driver and a travel concierge included as well. All villas include a large swimming pool, hot tub (moist also have sauna or steam), gardens, lawns, patios, terraces and more. The full service staff includes butler, maid, chef, houseboy, gardener, kitchen girl and in some cases as just mentioned a driver. The house will have at least three and sometimes as many as seven bedrooms, so there is plenty of room for you and your friends, which is a great idea as more friends means more fun and you can divide the cost of the vacation amongst the couples traveling together.

If you are wondering about cost then you will be relieved to learn that most of the villas are comparable to a similar stay at a luxury resort of upscale hotel in terms of price. But the truth is that you will get so much more than those options can provide. When you take into account the inclusion of the staff, the car, the food and of course the increased privacy and the ability to have your friends along with you on your dream vacation then you can see that the rental of a Canguu villa in Bali for your next holiday is something that is just a great decision.

So why choose a villa in Canggu over other options for your vacation in Bali? The simple fact is that with a villa you can enjoy a more relaxing and private vacation, you can enjoy the utmost in luxury and pampering, you can enjoy more time with your closest loved ones and to sum it up you can just enjoy your vacation even more on the whole.

The next time that you are planning for a vacation abroad, consider the beautiful island paradise of Bali and give serious consideration to everything that can be had when you take advantage of a villa in Canggu.
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