Capital Environmental Protection: Environmental Jones 4 Trillion Investment In The First Shot –

As the bad news than good, especially the “number of the company is expected to decline year on year performance in 2008,” Shenzhen Development Bank’s performance to the sharp decline in the banking sector caused a large negative impact on the broader market today is an adjustment downward trend to seek support the short term seems to signal broader market has not stabilized, but since we now market as a whole surface of sufficient funds, and the arrival of Chinese New Year, not much space down the broader market, investors can continuously adjust the time in the broad market dip order more fully involved in a number of stocks. At present, the market index heavy stocks at light situation, which investment and market topics. The subject of investment in emerging markets around the plate and the movement of individual stocks, while the theme of the investment would come from policy-oriented. State Council meeting to determine the economic expansion of domestic demand and promote economic growth, 10 measures including the strengthening of the ecological environment, support for municipal wastewater treatment, focusing on energy conservation and construction projects Environmental protection Important direction for the field of environmental protection will directly benefit from the company class. On environmental protection and ecological construction, speed up urban sewage, solid waste disposal facilities and water pollution in key river valleys, support key energy saving construction. Therefore, consistent in the central guiding principle of sustainable economic development, the environmental protection investment proportion will increase year by year, the future growth prospects were quite good.

Information, environmental main business venture to sewage treatment, water-based, with Jizhuangzi, eastern suburbs and a number of sewage treatment plants and the best treatment of domestic research centers, has formed a research and design to construction and then to the operation of the sewage industry, complete industry chain. Currently, the company in Tianjin has four sewage treatment plants, with a 50,000 tons / day capacity of the recycling plant, taking about 44% of Tianjin’s sewage treatment work, business monopoly advantage to the company brought more than 70% higher gross interest rates, has a good potential for development. Tianjin in the consolidation of the local market, the company actively layout national market, has entered through the acquisition of other modes of Guizhou, Hubei, Jiangsu and Shaanxi provinces in the market. In addition, the company actively developing renewable water resources, already has a 50,000 tons / day capacity of the recycling plant to build six cities in 2010, public water recycling plant, water supply capacity of 465,000 tons / day. To the expansion of supply capacity by 2020, 92 tons / day. According to statistics, only one third of urban water directly or indirectly, drinking, Other Two-thirds can be replaced by the recycled water, we can see, the company’s future prospects is very good.

Business environment as a domestic water supply, sewage treatment and other leaders in the field of water, directly benefit from the country’s 4 trillion investment in the next few years, the company will meet later to a new historic opportunities for development, growth prospects and a good, worthy of our short midline close attention. SABUNG AYAM