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Recently, the Shenzhen Electronics Co., Ltd. car guard solemnly greeted the housewarming, the original site in the town of Whitehead Building, Bao’an District, Eastern Fuyong moved to Phoenix, Baoan District, Fu Yong Huayuan Industrial Park First Industrial Zone, an area of 1,100 square meters to expand to The overall scale has more than doubled. And have spent heavily to buy advanced equipment, the introduction of more technology industry’s top talent, the move to expand its car guards injected fresh vitality to the hair in the market for the follow-up under power to do good bedding, but also that the car guard is a step towards a new level.

Car guard prospects

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car guard

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Car guard company in 2003 began to light parking sensor as an opportunity to enter the automobile market, and the passing of the continuous development and product extension, set common parking sensor, LED parking sensor, Video parking sensor, dedicated video cameras, products, take the professional road parking sensor. At present, the Shenzhen Electronics Co., Ltd. has become the car guards a set of professional development, production, sales parking sensor, parking can be considered as one enterprise. With excellent quality products and customer service attitude of integrity, “car guards” gradually in the majority of dealers in the brand has created a good reputation in the industry to emerge as well-known brand reversing radar.

Car defender office

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“Innovation, focus, service” is the management concept car guard, other companies in the industry are another way to look for other areas one after another, “Denver” when the car guard has always focused on reversing the field of radar , the unique patented invention of a radar by emitting the market will be favorable for the majority of owners of fashion, and one after another for the Fiat, Honda, Volkswagen, Toyota, Audi, Nissan, Hyundai, Citroen, Mazda and so on more than ten well-known brands at home and abroad service. When people are still willing to “plagiarism” when the car guard, car guard has already begun preparations for the next invention and development. General Manager Hu Chunjuan car guard, said: “We have always insisted on taking the professional route, dedicated single, although it will appear to be staying, but we put all our energies are concentrated into one, to build the reputation has gradually been recognized by customers.”

The fast development of automobile market, led the parking sensor boom. It is understood that China parking sensor production started from 2000 in 2003, began to enter the speed of growth, but is followed by the sudden emergence of cottage manufacturers in this battle, the car was always a strong defender of the faith – – integrity service. “In any stage, should see its own position, the brand is not fraudulent, is not opportunistic,” With a responsible attitude to customers, car guards gradually expand its market share, and to break through “cottage is king “situation, only the fittest survive in the market through baptism and purification, the car more stable guard their position in the market, a torrent towering fixed, standing.

Car guard’s corporate culture and business philosophy

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Talk about the reasons for relocation, car guards, General Manager Hu Chunjuan frankly the most important factor is to improve employee work environment, “the staff happy to work in order to create effective, build on this platform with our good”, the contemporary business competition is no doubt talent competition, car guards wisely realized this, and by improving the staff put in practice and working environment. Looking into the new year, the car reversing radar for the guards will be the foundation to create something new, such as wireless pre-radar, break through the current industry bottlenecks, innovative industry pattern.

Car guard factory new look

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No earthshaking slogans and declarations, nor illuminating as heavenly stars of great vision, at a press interview, car guard is a rare disclosed the cool, pragmatic and self-confidence, it is step by step, dedicated professionals in the reverse route on the radar through the clutter and the front road on the full field of flowers, is coming to its fragrant bloom. SABUNG AYAM