Car sales strong demand for primary aluminum pull – Red Diode Laser K66S03F-0.03W-S

China’s booming car sales in March to promote aluminum rose. Shanghai aluminum futures contract on the 12th main 1007 rose 1.24%, basic metals, led the gains as the day varieties. Aluminum eye-catching performance, mainly because of China’s automobile production and sales in March a new high, according to the Automobile Association on the 9th news, auto sales in China in March, respectively, 1,734,300 and 1,735,200, respectively, than in February increased by 44% and 43% year growth of 58% and 56%. China’s auto production and sales strong demand on the domestic primary aluminum pull more. The first quarter of 2010, China completed production of 4,554,500 vehicles, according to an average consumption of 125 kg of aluminum automotive terms, a quarter of China’s auto industry will consume 569,000 tons of primary aluminum, accounting for a quarter of domestic production of primary aluminum 15% . View from the vehicle volume, 1.6 liters and below, the share of passenger car sales declined in March, mainly because of the national vehicle purchase tax on the series of preference margins, weakening the effectiveness of policy driven. As the 1.6-liter and the following model car sales in March accounted for 50%, so the series of car sales results will be a greater impact on the aluminum market demand. China’s auto exports in March increased chain. China’s auto exports in March amounted to 39,500, growth of 49%, of which 52% greater increase in passenger cars. March, Central China’s auto exports more than the increase stems from improved international economic environment. SHFE aluminum inventories in March continued to increase up to add resistance for the aluminum. China in March of good performance in the automotive industry some support to the aluminum, but aluminum seems upside weak, SHFE aluminum aluminum inventories continued to increase as the resistance increases. In March SHFE aluminum inventories increased by 36,015 tons, continuing a premium spot to show that compared to market demand, the aluminum stock is more abundant. China’s alumina imports in March rose 24%, Central, back on the 500,000 tons, showing a higher domestic smelting aluminum smelting enterprises enthusiasm.

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