Career as Journalist

Journalism is a great career to start with and many youngsters are lured towards this profession. It is a challenging job which requires lot of hard work and dedication but in return you enjoy ample growth and recognition in the society. All successful journalist working in various news channels enjoy a handsome salary package and other perks.

Today TV and Radio are the important medium of communication, a lot of people turn to TV for current news and updates, and hence, the role of journalist becomes very important and full of commitment and responsibilities.  You could go for diploma or three years degree in Journalism. Mentioned below are some well known colleges of Journalism in Delhi

– Lady Shriram College, New- Delhi
– Delhi College Of Arts And Commerce
– Indraprastha College, New-Delhi
– JNU, New-Delhi
– Jamia Milia Islamia, New-Delhi

This is to be noted here, besides degree and diploma in Journalism, one may also go for PG diploma in various streams of Mass Communication (Journalism).

Journalists collect information on political, social and many sensitive issues and write news stories over these issues. Today, a lot of news channels have come up in the market which has opened great career opportunities in Journalism.  Journalism requires outstanding communication skills.  If you have good communication skills then you could become a newsreader or interview celebrities and political leaders in TV and radio.

People with excellent writing skills, could write for various newspapers, National Magazines and websites also. Newspaper is also an important medium to connect to the people and you could write news, articles and Blogs on various political and social issues of the country. Like that magazines and websites also require journalists who could write news and articles for them.

As mentioned earlier journalism has lot of challenges thus, you should be prepared to work under pressure and meet deadlines on time. Sometimes your regular working hours could also exceed due to the extensive work pressure therefore, you should be prepared to tackle these difficult circumstances in your professional life.

It is important to pursue journalism course from a prestigious college but your institute cannot guarantee your success. To become a successful journalist you need to put a lot of hard work and inability to write and present stories should be inherited in you.

You could also do freelancing and work independently as a journalist. The other career options in journalism are as follows- photojournalists, proofreaders and news analyst in print and electronic media.  

Today media is very powerful and journalists can influence masses with their news and articles. Journalists should not take advantage of this factor and adhere to the norms and standards of journalism. Journalists cover wide variety of areas, such as- politics, art, economics, sports, history, business, weather, entertainment and many others important areas.  

Career as journalist gives you plenty of exposure; you need to travel to different regions of the country. A journalist is required to go in the remotest and sometimes unsafe areas of his/her state to cover news and making world aware about the ongoing crisis and circumstances of that particular place. The remuneration in journalism is often dependent on your years of experience, organization you are working with and your work- performance. People who are completely dedicated towards this profession have achieved lots of appraisal and good salary package.