Casual and formal shirts for the fashionable male!

Shirts are the most basic form of clothing in a man’s wardrobe. More than anything else shirts can be teamed up with both formal as well as casual separates. They come in different styles, colors and fits, so much so, that it often becomes difficult for a man to decide which one’s suitable for a particular occasion. Whether you wear a casual or a dress shirt, it heavily depends on certain factors like the environment where you are sporting it, the way you carry it, bottom-wear that you match with your shirt, everything is going to speak out loud about your taste, preference and personality! At times, it is a tedious task to determine between what to wear, whether to pick up a dress shirt or a casual number to look absolutely dressed up for the occasion. But some guys just end up getting confused with the wide variety of shirt styles.

To clear all airs, you can probably dig into a little bit of research about the wide range of men’s shirts available these days and which ones are trending the fashion scene. Shirts for men these days are not restricted to just for official occasions. They can be played up with eclectic range of bottom-wear for any occasion. Formal or dress shirts are classic styles that are mostly worn in more formal settings but these are days men have started donning these in casual outings as well. Formal Top-wear give that perfect lean look that is actually not achievable in casuals. Pair them up with formal pants or medium to straight fit jeans to get a smart, appealing look. Select formal top-wear on the basis of styles, colors and size that you like to wear. You can go for a simple one or something that’s more on the dressier side. However, stripes and checks are the most popular patterns worn by men these days. Adorn one of these fabulously versatile wardrobe staple and you are all set to hunt down any chick in town.

More and more offices are considering going the business casual way. With more employees been allowed to sport semi-formals or smart casual attires, casual shirts have also turned out to be a major hit among fashionable men. Casual top-wear for men is available in an array of styles and designs. A simple shirt with plaid or gingham pattern is pretty in these days that are sure to give you a smart and prominent look. Consider wearing such stuffs to work and you can also don these pieces at a weekend party as well. Whether it’s a dark hued pick or a lighter shade, these stuffs look good on everyone. But then again, choose colors that suit your skin tone and the place where you are planning to wear them. You should always dress up according to the occasion to avoid looking out of place. These smart clothing pieces are also great gift items. Surprise your loved one by gifting these lovely pieces on special occasions. The best way to lay your hands on fashionable shirts for men is the online medium. Skim through the premium online shopping sites to get a hang on the top trending formal as well as casual clothing range for men and buy shirts online to get unbelievable deals.
Sabung Ayam
silkie chick hatching

Before people get upset, please realize I am a veterinary assistant and under certain circumstances it is OK to help a chick. Helping is generally not recommended as it can be fatal if they have not fully developed and separated from the shell. However if it is beyond 21 days and the chick has begun to pip but 24+ hours goes by with no progress you may CAREFULLY attempt to help in stages. First by creating a crack in the shell to weaken the shell enough to allow the chick to still hatch himself it is important to keep the shell from drying out or the chick can stick to the inside. Too much humidity is not good either, as the chick can ‘drown’ in the shell. Yesterday I found 9 little mixed breed bantam chicks had hatched under a mama hen. This little chick (#10) had pipped his shell (meaning poked a hole thru) However he had been in there longer than he should after pipping… Which is why I helped. If you ever see any blood DO NOT help. the Chick is not done developing. This little guy is a pure
silkie chick, he will eventually have soft black angora like feathers. Silkies cannot fly like other chickens because their feathers are too soft and fluffy. We’ll post updates of all the chicks as they hatch and sprout! Chicks will be for sale is a couple weeks 🙂

Sabung Ayam