Casual Jewellery

Casual Jewelry is used to wear at the communal get together, opera, dinner and parties. It is normally made up of metals, stones, imitation gems and is simple with sparkling lines and delicate designs. They are worn in different ways such as crowns, diadems, tiaras, cigarettes, hairpins, hats, ornaments, earrings and, and rings, ear plugs, and lip rings; on the neck in the form of collars, on the chest in the form of pectorals, brooches, clasps and buttons; on the limbs in the form of rings, bracelets, armlets and anklets, at the waist in the form of belts and girdles, with pendants such as chatelaines, scent cases and Rosaria.

Casual Jewelry has a stylish look that is best matched with dresses for any formal occasion. They are mostly made up of leather, beads horn, glass, resin, wood, bone, feathers, plastic, paper and even clay. After wearing these accessories one can embellish oneself in a unique and stylish appearance.

In case of casual functions you need not to wear heavy Jewelry and expensive gems rather fine, delicate and inexpensive Jewelry must be used for example if you are going for a party you can wear a pin on your head. These pins are available in almost all types of markets in different colors combinations. A simple sterling silver pin can be used for this purpose. Marquisate flower bow pin, raised pin, turtle pin, butterfly pin, kittens pin brooch are latest and most stylish in the market these days. If you want to make your neck prominent, you should use bead chokers, they are known for accentuating the beautiful, slender curve of a women’s neck. The style of a bead choker brings attention to the neck area.

Casual function demands a very decent and elegant look. You need to wear clothes in light colors with a little beaded work or embroidery on them. With such type of clothes you should wear accessories in bright colors. But if your dress is of dark color then wear Jewelry of light color. If you want to give a touch of charm to your outfit you can make use of beaded bracelets. Some of these bracelets are stretchable and others are unstretchable. They are available in market in both plain and shinning colors. You can buy of your own choice.

Earrings are the most important component of Jewelry. The overall appearance of a person relies on it. Bali’s suits the most in this case .You should prefer to wear bead ear cuff or vine ear cuff Bali and or wire ear cuff Bali. Short button or star shaped earrings shall be preferred. . Beaded anklets and silver anklets are common for casual wear. Big silver toe rings can be worn with jeans.

Men on such occasions shall wear decent metallic watches .If any man want to use more accessories then he should go for dark brown leather necklace, black leather necklace with stainless steel or black leather necklace with stainless steel closure

Now the children have become aware of fashion and they also want to become a part of it. I will advise them to wear screw ball bangles and stretchy bead bracelet necklace, Children look cute after wearing pins or crowns on their heads. Be careful about the selection and keep the tips in mind.
Sabung Ayam
The Traditional Weavers of Bali- Bali Kuno, Indonesia

The women weavers of Bali continued one of Indonesia’s most ancient arts, which date back long into Indonesia’s distant history.

Watch the intricate and artistic skills of the Balinese weavers at work, using the most traditional of tools, creating the renowned textile arts of Bali.

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