Casual Status Updates Jeopardize Your Home Security

Recent news shows that more people’s home are being robbed thanks to the status updates that homeowners post on their favorite social networking sites. For a select group of criminals, learning about the whereabouts of homeowners based on the short messages that they post daily has been a key ingredient in how they plan their burglarizing tactics. Going away for the weekend? Headed out of town or a couple of days? Without the right home security to keep your residence under proper surveillance, this carefree sharing of information might be doing you more harm than good.


Who would have thought that engaging in a fun and modern form of communication whereby photo-sharing, video sharing, and updates about one’s life would lead to these kind of negative consequences. The truth of the matter is that wherever people present their vulnerabilities, there is always someone out there ready to pounce on the opportunity to take advantage of them. Posting status updates online is the most recent in a long line of clues that have assisted criminals for years in carrying out their plans. Some feel that if you plan on announcing to the world that you plan on spending a weekend on the beach, then that announcement should be followed by a claim that you have a very hungry guard dog waiting in the house, as well as home security system that is strategically placed to nab criminals.


Though sharing this kind of information is important, the more important fact here is physically securing your home for when you do actually leave town. One way or another, criminals will find a way to break into peoples’ homes when they are not around. The only way to prevent these actions is to take the proper precautions in safeguarding your residence before you go away. Home security systems today are designed to meet the needs of homeowners that live in large houses and small apartments. The technology that supports these units has improved significantly in recent years, allowing people a more reliable means of protecting their valuables while they are not away.


Aside from using some common sense before you reveal all the personal details of you life to the world, it helps a great deal that you look into the benefits of a home alarm system. There is only so much that we can do in terms of filtering the way we communicate with one another online. In the end, social networking services have become an important part of how we live our lives and share our passions with one another. To censor everything we do and say simply because we fear that the wrong person might be reading these updates would surely drain all the fun out of the activity. Thus, rather than take this recent news as a definitive omen to stop posting status updates online, you might be better off investing in the right home security that allows you to live your life in a way that feels natural and uncensored.