Catch Goa flights and head to India’s beach capital

India boasts of some of terrific tourist destinations in the globe. This article has been penned to highlight the beauty of two such vacation websites- Goa and Kolkata.
If you are in a mood to party, there is no better location than the beaches of Goa. Goa is a scintillating, hot and happening beachside location that has been luring tourists for ages from each part of the globe. Stunning landscape, unspoiled beaches, charming sea, superb cuisines and an infectious culture make Goa a unique location on the Indian map.
Goa is a tiny state situated in the western corner of India in the neighborhood of Maharashtra. Goa is situated beside the Arabian Sea and has a lengthy coastline with more than 40 beaches. Premium Goa flights and inexpensive flight to Goa are offered throughout the year. You can also book Goa flights below a Goa tour package to steer clear of final minute hassles.
Goa is colorful, vibrant and incredibly entertaining. At well-liked beaches like the Baga beach, Calangute beach and Candolim beach, you can take pleasure in to the fullest. The shores are lined by beautiful palm trees which conjure a extremely romantic atmosphere. The turquoise sea and the fishermen in the distance will tug at your heart and remind you of olden days. Goa’s beaches can get really crowded which certainly helps if you are in the mood to party. But considering that the state has close to 40 beaches, you can very easily slip into a quieter beach to expertise the bliss of the sea in solitude. Goa is common for beach sports like surfing, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing and banana boating. In truth, Goa and Andaman are two of the greatest beachside destinations in India when it comes to water sports.
Goa is reachable by rail, road and air. You can also book a inexpensive flight to Goa in advance to save funds and time. Goa has a lively and effervescent nightlife defined by beach-side parties and casino games. You can also slip into very good restaurants, theatres and cinema halls that play each Bollywood and Hollywood flicks. But Goa is also reputed for sightseeing. Some of the top attractions of Goa are Basilica of Bom Jesus (a church), Se Cathedral (yet another well-known church), Aguada Fort, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary and the refulgent Dudhsagar Falls.
Goa can be visited round the year considering that it has a pleasant climate. The monuments, cuisines and beaches make Goa holiday a genuinely memorable affair. Additionally, the culture is a pleasant mix of Portugal and Indian ethnicity. From sightseeing to beach sports, you will adore each bit of your Goa trip. You are advised to buy a Goa tour package that will encompass low cost flight to Goa or premium Goa flights, Goa sightseeing and stay in the best Goa hotels at enticing rates.
Kolkata vacation: Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal, is one more interesting holiday destination. It could not boast of beaches like Goa but is noted for its terrific culture, exciting cuisines and friendly &amp hospitable locals. Kolkata is also reminiscent of British occasions and has a number of edifices built by the British. Some of the top attractions of Kolkata are Victoria Memorial, Alipore Zoo, Science City, Writer’s Developing, Shahid Minar, Nicco Park, Thakur Bari and Kalighat Temple. Kolkata flights are available from all main cities. You can also acquire a Kolkata tour package to book Kolkata flights at reasonable prices.


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