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BBC News blooper

Update soon after this got millions of views: I was the one particular who found this. I was watching reside and it was the funniest issue I’d ever noticed. I could not locate a single reference to it on Twitter or elsewhere after 15 minutes, so I just recorded the replay function on my laptop/cablebox to send it to my sister. I also put it up on Reddit and that’s when it exploded. I feel it is like the 12th most upvoted issue in Reddit history. BBC did a story on it and place up the clip on their own and in syndication. I did not place ads on this, of course, but BBC did activate monetization practically imminently, so all the funds is, rightfully, going to the BBC. So far this video has created the BBC maybe $three-10,000, which is genuinely cool.

This video has probably now been noticed by 1 billion men and women due to all the syndication. Type cool to believe about it, all due to the fact I was chilling trying to figure out what was going on in Korea.

Also, that is his wife, not his maid.