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Catherine Blosley is a very sexy famous news presenter. She became famous after bearing all at a girls gone crazy wet t shirt completion. She looked intoxicated but who cares she is hot. I don’t personally know why she would quit her job now after all that positive exposure. I stated watching the news daily after seeing the Catherine Bosley wet t shirt photos. I find nothing wrong with exposing your body in the name of fun. She made many people happy just by doing that. She made the world a better place she is a true American hero.

It’s not like she is some dodgy chick she is a highly qualified professional and is one of the sexiest reporters ever. She has a degree in Telecommunications. She even worked in New York she anchored and produced. She has had a long professional life and I am proud to see her pictures all over the internet. She’s got an ass of a goddess and I think she’s hot professional lady that has produced a better public image among the people that are not uptight I wish her luck in the future.

Catherine Bosley was born on March 3, 1967 in Lake County, Ohio. She graduated from Harbour High School near Painesville in 1985. She began working at age 17 at the local Hills Department Store as a cashier, staying there through her first year of college at Kent State University’s Ashtabula Campus. Then, went on to finish her degree in Telecommunications at the Main KSU campus while working at a sports store and at WKSU-FM public radio as a newsroom assistant and a receptionist. She also worked at the student television station TV2.

In 2001, she was named morning show co-anchor at WKBN and noon show anchor was added to her responsibilities in 2003. After recovering from a serious lung illness in the summer of 2003, Catherine and her husband went to Key West, Florida to celebrate.

They were walking by a place that was having a wet T-shirt contest and decided that it would be “crazy and silly” for her to join in – so she did. Catherine ended up on stage completely nude, dancing with the other contestants. When the Bosleys returned home, they learned that a tape of the event had been given to the head of WKBN and was posted on the Internet. When faced with the choice, Catherine left WKBN. Which I think was a Stupid move.

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