Causes For Heart Disease

There are about 300,000 people in American killed by heart disease in each previous year. Therefore, it is very important that we should study about the causes of this primary killer more than ever before. And actually, there are now many ways to prevent and cure it, all we have to do is to know where to look best.


When it comes to the causes of heart disease, a great deal of confusion still exists about the role of animal fats in causing heart disease. Until just recently it was a commonly accepted assumption that excessive intake of saturated fats found in meat, eggs and dairy products was the main cause of these disorders. This view, however, could never explain extensively why Inuit or other tribal people who eat huge amounts of animal fats do not show an increased incidence of heart disease, or a host of other anomalies. Still, most doctors stick to their beliefs and reiterate that meat-heart proverb constantly. It may not be entirely correct, but at least it is simple to quote without having to get into too much time-consuming detail.


Here are the things that we should keep in mind when analyzing the causes of heart problems:


1. The problem with past research has been the traditional tendency to try, whenever possible, to find a single, simple ‘something’ that will explain a particular disease, such as cholesterol. However, this is rarely possible. Heart ailments, and most degenerative diseases for that matter, is the result of a TOTAL LIFESTYLE, holistic causes, and not a simple dietary excess or deficiency.


2. In analyzing the true causes of degenerative heart disease, it is essential always to bear in mind that people are individuals and as such, respond to various causative factors differently. Diet is definitely a major factor in degenerative heart ailments. Saturated fats (commonly found in animal products) are a problem. The western diet contains a significantly larger amount of animal proteins than other populations with less heart problems.


3. The problem, however, is not only how much meat or dairy products we eat, but also what kind. Domesticated animals have a higher percentage of saturated fat than wild animals, due to a different diet, activity level, and the hormones used by different cattle and poultry industries to fatten their stock artificially.


Hence, when researching about the causes of heart disease, keep in mind that the things that we eat now is very different from that our grandparents ate. Be carful in comparing the types of saturated fats.