Causes of Excessive Sweating and How to Cure Excessive Sweating

There is nothing more irritating than to feel your sweats coming out profusely all over your body even in a cool day. Well, that is what people call hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating and it’s said to be affecting 2% of the population. Good news is, there are cures to this sweating problem.

Everything that happens has a cause behind. Okay, I am not promoting a religion or belief here but just want to emphasize that it’s vital for you find out your excessive sweating causes and cure the problem by eliminating the cause. That’s it. We are going to discuss some causes of excessive sweating and cure the problems by changing those causes.

In most cases, they are effective ways to cure excessive sweating. Here are 3 main causes of excessive sweating and how you are going to turn them into your favor.

How many liters or water do your drink everyday?

Okay, you don’t actually need to follow strictly on the so-called nutritionist advice to take 8 glasses of water everyday but try to listen to your body needs. Drink every time after your meals and never allow yourself to feel thirsty. Keep enough moisture in your mouth. If you feel dry, then your body is running low in water. Now you might be thinking how this thing water or liquid is one of the causes of excessive sweating. The reason is very simple. As we all know, the human body keeps about 65% of water to maintain all bodily functions to replenish cells and brings out wastes. Therefore, when your body dehydrated, it actually forces itself to expel wastes and toxins through sweating instead of your urine.

When was the last time you exercise and how often is your exercise routine?

You must understand that sweating is a very natural process of the body to flush out wastes and to maintain body temperature. Literally speaking, if you stop sweating, you’re abnormal and might need to consult a doctor. In other words, we have to sweat but it’s just a matter of timing – when? Doing 15 minutes of exercise everyday and allow your sweating glands to go to work and cleaning pores of your skin, will actually cure excessive sweating at other hours of the day.

Did you ever check the calories, nutrients and other composition of the food that you take?

I believe 99% of people never. That’s not a problem and you don’t need to be a scientist or a scholar to do so. You just need to understand the basic of metabolism and that all bodily functions are linked and how the food that you take is going to affect your general health. Basically, try to reduce processed food, canned food, meat and increase fruits and vegetables intake. I am not asking to quit those food altogether but you need to strike a balance between meat and vegetables. Generally speaking, if your digestive system is having a hard time, your circulatory system is affected, then your lymphatic system and your urinary and excretory system as well that eventually causes excessive sweating.