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Cisco has always been giving something new to communicate. Communication has always been made easier by the Cisco. Now with the inclusion of TRENDBERG as a part of Cisco, the TelePresence has crossed all barriers of communication. No matter where you work and what you do, communication is always important. With the latest developemnet face to face communication is more effective than the verbal communication. Thus Tele Conferencing came into being. But with certain limitations there was a need for some more powerful tool. There are many Advantages of the TelePresence.

A Face to face connection; an effective way of communication between your partners, consumers and colleagues.
Easier way of discussing your business and explaining it to others more distinctly.
The travel charges are lower as you can easily address different locations at the same time.
Fast decisions at real time.
More time to manage strategies then operations.
Starting a meeting is like making a phone call.
Plug and play controls for easy and fast access.
Different videoconferencing systems can easily be included.

The Right Endpoint For You:
Cisco knows what everyone need and thus it has designed different end points to suit everyone. Some of the categories are as follows.

Adaptive or Optimized TelePresence rooms with excellent quality of communication.

There are different multipurpose rooms with distinct environments to serve the purpose.

There is a wide range of streamlined products for the home users or small business owners to coordinate with their workers.

Solution Platforms:
A complete solution, customized for the business partners.

Cisco is offering a wide range of applications including HD videos, intimate customer experience, recording and broadcasting of conference, distant professional services like Health and direction guidance.

Cisco is offering a widely compatible infrastructure that could function with any of the vendor to serve the purpose. The software is capable of scheduling, reporting and managing with some advance tools like ROI and utilization management. With the advanced switching technologies, the system is scaleable at any time without any delay or suffering of the quality. The system is capable of handling several different vendors at the same time without any delay or quality issues. There are several more services like streaming, translation, recording and trans-coding that are also offered by the Cisco systems. There are several other feature that help in session and call control capabilities.

With the reputation of a leading network provider Cisco is delivering a secure, reliable and efficient system of TelePresence.

Facebook Instant Articles (Khmer): Assign Publishing Tools & Sign up Instant Articles | MMO

A complete tutorial on configuring Facebook Instant articles for WordPress platform.

Part 01:
[Part 02]
*How To Setup Facebook Instant Articles For WordPress 2/3
– Assign Publishing Tools in Facebook Page
– Sign up Instant Articles
– Connect Site and Join Facebook Development
– Join Instant Articles in WordPress

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