Ccna Courses -your Business And Cloud Telephony

Telephony is changing day by day and if you are looking for all the latest news in business phone systems then Cloud Telephony is the new and the happening channel these days. You are running a business of your own and you want to have innovative phone solutions so that you can eliminate the complexities, responsibilities and costs of using a traditional phone system; then Cloud Telephony is just the perfect option for your business; of any size.
In simple terms Cloud Telephony delivers telephone applications to your phone any time, any place; where ever you are. Its easy, its quick, its affordable and it offers more flexibility than any other traditional phone system.
Tracks and gives you all the details about your calls- Call tracking
You can easily set up a call centre with agents using phones anywhere; work from home- Virtual call Centre
Route calls based on the caller’s location to your nearest store- Store Locator
You can design and use Inter Active Voice Response (IVR) phone system- Hosted IVR
Automate outbound calls by simply uploading a list and recording your message- Voice broadcast
Notification systems & group communication
Mobile applications with voice integration
Cloud Telephony for Business:
Here are some examples which will help you to understand how businesses use the Cloud Telephony based phone systems and applications.
Routing Inbound Phone Calls
Using Cloud Telephony now with just one phone number your customers can easily call and check the status of their order using IVR with an option to speak to agent (home) using virtual call centre application.

Analyzing Call Tracking Data
With Cloudy Telephony, using an option of customize you can now greet your calling customer and route each caller ; if you want to view and know how many calls you have received from a TV commercial ad or a newspaper ad etc.

Broadcasting Interactive Outbound Calls
With Cloud Telephony, using an option talk to live agent to reschedule you can now easily call to confirm and ask your customer the scheduled delivery time for any item; for example bed, TV or an oven etc.

Integrating With Databases
With Cloud Telephony, you can now automatically call all your customers after online transaction completion to thank them, you can even have survey questions and by using telephony API you can post back the survey results to your CRM.
Some of the well known companies that provide Cloud Telephony Services are: