Cctv 315 Party Exposure: God Bed Marketing Secret -315, Exposure – The Chemical Industry

HC Chemical Network News, March 15, 2010, CCTV broadcast 315 party in Beijing. Following is the “mystery of God to sell the bed” program Record:

Sales Staff: healthy, enjoy a happy, Kang Fubao, see every day, one day not see the miss. Bounce, one hour a day, all drugs do not have service.

Commentary: therapeutic bed free of charge all over the country experience the store every day began. Came here to attend free of charge experience a lot of elderly people has become a habit, 7:30, this store has dozens of elderly people waiting in line. Old people experience every day activities such as bed is 40 minutes, the staff claimed to be a teacher to help the elderly side of the bed, while for them to conduct health lectures.

Sales: 2 with up reading how to read? The long term medication will be your life, right?

Commentary: old people here do not accept this view at all times, and only physical therapy bed is the best choice for their health. Shaoxing physiotherapy bed in the store experience, you can read up more than 80 kinds of disease treatment. In addition to the staff claimed that no such bed was unable to treat cancer patients.

Sales: stomach problems, diabetes can treat, cure, disease-free self-defense.
Commentary: to experience the store to do these elderly people experience a constant stream for free, but free experience hidden behind in the end what?

Sales: We are to sell beds, our ultimate goal is to sell bed. More than 14,000, 15,800.

Commentary: The beds are really the panacea they say it? State approval of the application is cervical spondylosis, lumbar, lumbar muscle strain in the adjuvant treatment. In addition, the rehabilitation Bao registered name is far infrared massage physiotherapy bed, they experience the store product promotion far beyond the scope of application.

Sales staff: it is mainly infrared, can be healing, anti-inflammatory bacteria.
Commentary: Since the far infrared physical therapy bed is the main reason to treat that far infrared is it? Can it really cure it?

Sales: far infrared a major role in the epidermis, on the deep there is no role for it, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and present no scientific evidence to prove that it has this effect.

Explanation: The bed in the sales force into the mouth of God cure bed, the reporter saw that although the brand is different but the structure of three beds or less the same side have a massage function of the wheel, is such a bed to more than 10 thousand yuan should be sold for the elderly, a clear need for skilled. Sweet talk with the family and closer to the feelings of the elderly, is experiential Marketing Successful first step.

Sales staff: people with children, especially good coax, coax happy on the trip.
Commentary: the old coax into the free store experience, they also allow the elderly believe that this miraculous therapeutic efficacy.

Sales: absolute good, even if I must go into effect there is no effect, with his health. The same as the equivalent of brainwashing.

Commentary: day after day, free trial, so that these old people unconsciously accept the treatment bed can say, when necessary, they also stimulate the use of exaggeration for the elderly, encourage them to make up the determination to buy beds .

Sales: Our teacher can speak into what the disease is that tomorrow you disabled, and elderly people are afraid, we will stimulate him.

Commentary: After years of propaganda suggests, coupled with the long accumulation of affection, many elderly people are convinced of the efficacy of this bed, now time to sell the bed. SABUNG AYAM