Centrifuge And Safe Use Of New Technologies

1 Centrifuge New Technology 1.1 Temperature Refrigeration When the rotor rotation speed, air friction and heat, the rotor temperature increases, the sample tube in the temperature will rise. As the temperature-sensitive biological samples. General requirements to maintain the temperature centrifuge experiment 4 . No Computer Intelligent control technology, it is impossible to achieve the precision of ± 1 . Thus, the centrifugal chiller cavity cooling, and to cool the rotor, cooling the sample temperature. However, rotation of the rotor measuring the actual temperature is extremely difficult, at home and abroad have adopted from the bottom of the centrifuge rotor chamber set temperature closer to deal Sensor Indirect measurement of rotor temperature. Where T sample = T + T compensation chamber. T type of compensation they and the rotor, the speed and run time.

1.2 Brushless Motor Direct drive

Centrifuge Is a high-speed motor with rotor rotation. Past the motor is DC motor with carbon brushes, carbon brush wear centrifuges running, bring sparks and noise or vibration, and there is life, everything will have to replace the carbon brush run again. More serious is the carbon brush wear caused toner dust pollution, not only pollute the centrifuge, but also polluted the environment, this pollution on the health sector is not appropriate.

1.3 Display digital technology Typical simulation Table Is in the form of screw knob to select operating parameters (such as speed, temperature and time) to dial the pointer to display data. The disadvantages are: selection parameters and the data readings and the readings by the operator of more than human disturbance, poor control accuracy. And each operation must be so poor repeatability. Although the figures show some centrifuge (such as knob and digital display selected value), although there are improvements in reading, but the value remains unchanged principles simulation techniques; figures show the typical form of the interface is friendly, Keyboard Operation, digital display, programmable computer control the whole operation, the core of the intelligent control is achieved by a computer. All the parameters required for centrifuge operation (such as speed, temperature, time, addition and subtraction rate files, etc.), keyboard input, and digital displayed, so select the operating parameters and to read a very small number of errors. Also because it is programmable operation, can be compiled into a set of operating parameters number, access to use. How

2 Security Using centrifuges 2.1 installed correctly (1) Power supply Voltage: voltage fluctuations within +10% to meet national standards, or a number of manufacturers of centrifuges is not normal operation. If the voltage fluctuations in the above proposal with the regulator for the power line.

(2) Ground To prison: the power supply room Cloth Line to meet the requirements. China is a three-phase four-wire system. Three-phase three-phase industrial power in the use of three-phase power line and ground zero when the separation is more important is whether it is three-phase industrial power companies or the general single-phase power companies or, ground should be reliable, so as to avoid leakage , ground can not be connected to the heating pipe, water pipe.

(3) ground to smooth, firm: large-scale centrifuge run, moving the installation location Floor Should be strong, to ensure normal operation of centrifuge rotors, not Xianao in, fixed of ground should be flat and firm.

(4) to find a good level: the level to find a more accurate small scale, centrifuge lid open, looking at the spindle level, by adjusting the four wheels beside the adjustment Bolt The twist came to a good level of attention which a foot can not dashed.

2.2 installed like to find a balance

In the design and manufacture of centrifuge, the rotor imbalance caused by processing errors, has made a dynamic balance test of the remedies, but all centrifuges, has allowed the installation of its kind of unbalance. Centrifuge Centrifuge manufacturers in order to limit the maximum allowable imbalance indicator compete with other manufacturers, as far as possible given greater value. In this large value, the centrifuges can operate, but then the unbalanced force generated n times per minute, a rude shock frequency Bearing And support the centrifuge is subject to injury. Therefore, users of those expensive centrifuges, to find a good balance as far as possible after the centrifugation, the centrifuge good life.

2.3 cavity clean water centrifugation

Centrifuge operation using cooling water as the air in the centrifugal chamber frost, down into the water after the frost. Most of the low-speed large-capacity centrifuge abroad, there is no drainage hole, centrifugal chamber in a greater accumulation of water. At this point, the user should remove the rotors on their own, clean water. When you reinstall the rotor must be fitted properly to prevent an accident.

2.4 Aluminum Alloy can not be subject to corrosion

Centrifuge rotor generally is aluminum, when the intensity decreased by corrosion, easy to the accident. Susceptible to corrosion of aluminum alloy liquid, after washed blowing Fans Drying, or inverted for some time, did confirm to use. Some imported blood bank centrifuge, 6 aluminum Cup 6 years due care is not plastic. Care should be put in plastic bags, to avoid directly on the aluminum cup. Note whether the crack in vitro. If the test tube (in particular, repeated use of the test tube) has cracks, must not use, or test-tube rupture in use will cause the loss of rotor balance, can lead to broken shafts and other serious accident.

2.5 off-axis incident

Rotor placed no good, or the installation of sample imbalance over too big, centrifuge start. Although modern centrifuges are unbalanced import protection, that is, when the imbalance exceeds a certain limit, should automatically power off, make centrifuge stall. However, in these circumstances, is late, there will be a vicious accident. One serious accident off-axis, due to the sudden off-axis high-speed rotation, centrifugal rotor no support in the parades around wild guesses in the centrifugal chamber, centrifuge machine can turn 270 ° angle. At this point, if next to personnel or equipment will result in casualties and damage equipment accident.


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