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News Alert: revaluation of the RMB, raise labor costs, raw material prices, the export tax rebate and further down the rising cost of daily-use ceramics export, companies squeeze profit margins substantially. At the same time, the frequent trade friction, increasing technical barriers, ceramic business day Sweetie. Experts suggested that companies should seek answers to market and brand around the market demand to increase effectiveness of the brand.

“Ceramics exports are facing multiple pressures, business day Sweetie.” Silver Wind Corporation Deputy General Manager of Shandong Jin Shao-like in the interview with our reporter said. He said on April 26, China Light Industry Arts & Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce held its second working session of the fourth president, 90% of the enterprises were moaning.

Face a difficult situation, companies how to survive in the face of adversity then? Tangshan Ceramic Co., Ltd general manager of Sun Jing Ti 14 characters point out that “companies turn around the market, the market turn around the brand”, the proposed business and brand from the market in search of answers.

Calm sentiment towards the EU anti-dumping anti-dumping rumors rumors and did not like the outside world, as expected, to be held shortly before the 101st Canton Fair Ceramics Museum dark clouds, on the contrary, most companies seem relatively calm Ceramics.

“The EU has long been rumored to be on my ceramic anti-dumping investigation, we have long received from the European Union customers the news channel.” Guangxi ring Enterprises Group, Liang Yu-Feng reporter’s interview, admitted that on This has been psychologically prepared.

Guangdong Shunxiang ceramics Co., Ltd. Chairman Lin Daxiang told reporters that the European Union scheduled for April 20 to Shunxiang ceramics factory testing, but was delayed to May. Lin Daxiang said the company has a provincial enterprise technology center in Guangdong Province, the testing equipment, in strict accordance with high standards of production, so afraid of the EU in the field test.

“EU anti-dumping may be carried out on businesses is not good news. Non-tariff barriers to trade everywhere, which always sounded the alarm company.” Tangshan Ceramic Co., Ltd. Sun Jing, general manager, said. It is learned that before, my ceramic products in India, Mexico, the Philippines, Egypt, South Korea, Turkey and Colombia hindered.

Rumors for anti-dumping, the EU businessmen to? Liang Yu-Feng told reporters that the just-concluded from the 101st Canton Fair view, EU customers based on needs and interests, the response of the anti-dumping is not sensitive to price changes caused by rising costs are a foreign business enterprise with the game of Chinese ceramics key.

Unbearable multiple pressures as labor-intensive and resource-intensive industries, China’s cheap labor and raw materials, ceramic products in the international market have certain cost advantages. With the appreciation of the renminbi, raise the price of labor, fuel, raw materials such as ceramics color glaze and water prices continued to rise, coupled with reduced export tax rebates, export ceramics for daily use cost of rising price advantage and gradually weakened, squeezed corporate profit margins substantially. “Compared with its predecessors, the cost of export enterprises increased by 20% at least.” Lin Daxiang said. SABUNG AYAM