Ces 2010 Challenge Of Chinese Brand New Pattern Of World Tv – Tv, Haier – Audio-visual Industry

CES 2010 American International Consumer Electronic Exhibition will be held on January 7 -10 at the Las Vegas, Nevada. By then, the world’s top consumer electronics manufacturers and the United States gathered giant CES show, the world’s leading consumer electronics, consumer trends in the next few years, the latest high-tech products and top-leading technology. After the news, this CES show, Haier TV as the representative Home Appliances Brand will bring the latest products and technologies a strong debut, the central core area in the CES show with Samsung, LG, Sharp and other world-class e-business standing shoulder to shoulder. More According to the latest news, Haier TV will also unveil the mystery of a very shocking product, the product’s technology has the absolute world leader, the technology or technology for the first time in the Chinese home appliance brand beyond Japan and South Korea, challenges the world a new pattern of home appliances, very exciting.

CES2010 show our surprise to find that the strong wind in China, the Chinese home appliance industry has changed significantly. Once upon a time, the Chinese home appliance brand in the world electronics industry is often because of lack of autonomy of the core technology, the lack of consumer electronic products such issues as human design, has been hiding in Japan, Korea and Europe and the United States and other developed countries the brand behind the struggle to find a way out, missing strong global industry footprint, and often inaccessible to the state to make its people shame. Happily, such as Haier, China’s domestic TV and other major international brands, with many years of technical innovation and overall strength of the global brand’s good performance, and achievements of overseas markets and strong competitiveness in the global home appliances through a second shock industry products and technology exhibition, so people come to realize the power of strong brands in the country!

Learned, for the subversion of the past, Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea in the areas of the world’s electronic products and technology innovation supremacy, Haier TV will be unveiled at the CES show of color TV sets with independent innovation of new products to compete with other home appliance giant, many of them truly world debut of the product technologies is leading to a global level, even the top-level appliance giants such as Japan and South Korea have not been mastered, mean that other brands try to produce if the technology product, then fall complete copy of the Chinese technology. In this way, this exhibition of new products and new technologies Haier’s debut will be realized in the true sense of China’s brand from the “Copy” to “lead” the image of subversion. China’s color TV industry to abandon the past, a lot of technical difficulties with other countries, truly a radical innovation, creating a true national industrial brand.

Another report, in this exhibition, Haier TV CES Central Hall will once again entered the core areas and occupy the largest stand, this is the 10th year the White Haier TV marked the world’s top consumer electronics technology, CES Central Exhibition Hall, is the oldest domestic exhibitors, the highest number of exhibitors, the highest number entered the central hall of enterprises. It is reported that Haier TV booth area of the 576 square meters, is the second nearly twice the strength of its brand and its dominance is no doubt once manifest.

2010 CES Show in Haier brand color TV as the representative of the Chinese wind blowing, not only gives us this CES is full of endless conjecture Chinese brands and expectations, leaving everyone to see is a leading consumer electronics brands the world is becoming to be reckoned with. Chinese brands in the CES2010 show what kind of surprise to us, wait and see. SABUNG AYAM