Changhong Car Traffic Jam Instead Of Blocking E

Technological development, social progress, bringing more and more people today the convenience of the city, followed by people to consume on the road (ie traffic jam) the time cost is also growing, indeed, so urban car owners, angry heart endless. I served for everyone today, a “traffic jam is not blocking heart” of navigation products that enable users away from the traffic jam.

This is a common look and navigation products no particular product, but it is a real-time TMC traffic information function to support the navigation terminal, Changhong, China Mobile and the two brands together to create, by the China Mobile to provide operational platform and corresponding services, Changhong Group to provide its own R & D, design, manufacture of special terminal, which is Changhong car e line WND430.

TMC traffic information channel is referred to here as “real-time traffic information”, navigation products have this feature, you will be able to travel at any time during the latest road conditions, according to this setting accordingly to avoid navigation so far from the jamming point, get rid of traffic jams. E line WND430 Changhong car with different colors that road congestion situation, traffic jams red, green roads open, and users can browse the congestion situation in the map, you can also check the road traffic by road, so that users can avoid timely congested road, their planning one of the most appropriate path.

Changhong car now features open e line WND430TMC has opened in 16 cities, including: Beijing, Changsha, Chengdu, Fuzhou, Fushun, Guangzhou, Kunming, Nanjing, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Shijiazhuang , Suzhou, Chongqing, learned that the future will be opening more large and medium cities.

Addition, Changhong car e line WND430 also has such as: “Push to Talk” feature, the road book function and telephone text messaging and other features. Details available product website

Background information:

We are not the same?? Changhong car e-line, new direction for communications services navigation

“We are not the same” is Changhong new generation of network communication and navigation products for the proposed new cultural experience. Changhong car e line is a general subversion of the aircraft navigation, location-based services, network communications and navigation terminals, navigation communications services to promote a new direction. It allows consumers to enjoy more services, the operation more convenient and safer to use, making navigation terminal has become a real car services, navigation, communications, networking, entertainment center with a car.

ZARVA Products Co., Ltd. (the Changhong IT) by the brand value of 65.589 billion, net assets of 100 billion investment in Sichuan Changhong is a holding subsidiary of Changhong, with Changhong’s production, capital of its own advantages and ZARVA IT industry in the area and its unique team culture is Changhong information appliances, IT, telecommunications, networks, content services, industrial layout in the new five flagship IT industry and key enterprises, is to integrate and optimize the global resources of IT products distributor solutions and professional services business, professional location services (LBS) end-product manufacturers and service providers.

Recently ZARVA has a strategic and cooperative relations between China Mobile, the first to introduce support for China Mobile “car e-line” business end product?? Changhong car e-line, by China Mobile powerful call-center (manual seats) hand to provide users with navigation destination settings, call forwarding, lodging, dining, entertainment and other daily information query and navigate to the destination, security settings, cancel, query value-added services such as customized settings and other functions, while support for web surfing , check weather, traffic illegal information, the stock value-added services and consulting for domestic automotive electronics market, has set a “faster and more convenient products” new standard. To become consumer “calm control, pilot career, pilot life” wise choice.

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