Changzhou Fire Brigade Low Voltage Switch Cabinet Equipment Bidding Secret – Low Voltage Switch

Tender Code: – Tender Code: CBL_20100415_1017167061 Opening time: Industry: Machinery Electronic Appliances, Energy Chemical industry
Standard News Category: Domestic tendering Source: China Government Funds Investment amount: 00 thousand yuan Area: Jiangsu Number: CZS200811001 1, Project Name: Changzhou Fire SWAT unit, SWAT squadron works

2, Project Overview: (1) approval number: Chang Development and Reform Commission [2008] 260 (2) investment: 30 million yuan

(3) Project Location: south of Dragon Road, Din Tai Road, east (4) Building size: 12,662 square meters

(5) Type of construction: frame (6) Quality Level requirements: City excellent (Golden Dragon)
(7) plans to open, the completion time :2008-12-8 to 2009-10-30
3, Lot No.: CZS20081100105 tenders Name: Changzhou City Fire Brigade Secret, Secret Squadron Engineering low pressure switch cabinet equipment

Building area: 0 square meters estimated contract price: 800,000 yuan
Type and grade of applicant qualifications:
Registered architect to be selected professional and quality grade:
4, enterprise, registered construction engineer application performance conditions: strokes (to vote) standard high-voltage switch Brand: Lan Ling Sen source VS1, ABBVD4, Xiamen Huadian VEP switch, do not accept other brands or derivative brand bidding, in accordance with specific parameters drawings. Admission (to vote) standard low-voltage switching brands: Changshu sun and the moon, ABB, Schneider, do not accept other brands or derivative brand bidding, specific parameters in accordance with the drawings. Other components in accordance with the drawings, components need not be specified to meet the relevant regulations.

5, the other application conditions:

(1) registration before the bidder must be logged in bidding to do business library record and audit by the office through tender; (2) The project only accepts online registration, see Construction Engineering Trade Center, Changzhou City, “Tender Online Admission Information” ; (3) implementation of the Chang Jian (2006) 186 Man; (4) the eligibility requirements of bidders: industry and commerce administration departments have issued a valid business license and tax department issued a valid tax registration certificate; independent performance contracts and the ability to provide quality services; with ISO9000 Series Quality Management System Certificate; national compulsory 3C certification by China; company with more brand switching authority certificate; good business reputation and business performance, without hurting their business reputation of the record; legal representative for the same person two or more legal entities, the parent company, wholly owned subsidiary and its holding companies are not in the same goods the same time tender bid; assets operating well, there is no borrowing, guarantees that may affect the bidder to perform the tenders; bidders registered capital must be not less than five million; bidder must have the same industry for more than three years of performance; bidder must have the bid for construction of more than one million and to provide relevant results; (5) The tender notice page content and the bottom of this page “Click here to download the tender notice annex” the contents of the inconsistencies in the bottom of imposing this page “Click here to download the tender notice annex” in the norm . SABUNG AYAM