Channel Insider Explosion Footwear Distributor Footwear Factory Price Only Seven Or Eight Hundred

“In the mall sold for seven or eight hundred dollars for a hundred or so ex-factory price also.” Deichmann Shoes City Planning Department Manager Zhang broke the news to reporters yesterday, as part of a number of marketing footwear, a pair of shoes priced at 2 / 3 are used in the channel expenses.

Shoes half price of water hidden in the risk of poor sales

According to Manager Zhang said, the domestic sales of brand shoes, shopping centers are mostly OEM production model are used. By Belle, for example, in May each year at all levels throughout Belle’s agent will be made to the Belle fall and winter footwear company orders, again according to the company Belle set amount of total factory orders to its OEM production. Ex-factory price of these shoes are generally in the hundred, while the Belle will be sent to agents Chu Huojia about 30% higher. Agents are in need of cash orders, take a huge risk of poor sales, they sold at least double the fare to more shopping malls, and shopping centers are deduction to 30% of the general, footwear prices also continued to rise up.

Manager Zhang said the agents independently undertake the risk of poor sales prices were inflated, no less than the domestic footwear crux of warm winter last year, some unmarketable goods footwear agents total as high as tens of millions.

Shoes, shoes trade price back down

1 per thousand dollars of your pay, the same shoes at least 50% cheaper than the mall … … Deichmann Shoes City opened in August, will now make a number of low commitment to the capital threw a shoe bomb. Manager Zhang said the price can be lower shoes for two reasons: First, purchase directly from manufacturers, reducing the circulation; two consecutive years of footwear shoe anti-dumping so many foreign trade companies fought in the domestic market, but also bring down the price of shoes .

“We have shoes in the city 1 / 3 is the shopping centers in the sale of the brand, 1 / 3 is fought from the foreign trade and domestic trade, not the brand in the domestic market.” It is understood that, in cooperation with more than 100 manufacturers Deichmann , there are more than 30 had never been in the domestic market commodity. And a shoe factory in Wenzhou of anonymity told the operator: “Our shoes are sold in Europe, plus freight, customs price, but two or three hundred dollars, the same quality of shoes at home but at least four or five hundred dollars , return to the domestic market, we have a big advantage. “He also pointed out that the export of footwear manufacturers franchise return to the domestic market will drive down the retail price of the domestic footwear.

High shoes hard to shake

“Consumers only buy brand goods a day, shoes high prices on the day can hardly be shaken.” Renmin University of China School of Business professor of marketing, says Chan Koon Chung, the current consumption of domestic consumers are still quite fancy footwear brand, this is Belle and other major brands at heavily advertised brand image reasons. He said that unless the day consumers bought shoes and socks the same mentality, cheap shoes, shoes can really shake up the domestic price, otherwise, the price of brand shoes remain high. SABUNG AYAM