Check Out The Mandarin Programming With Directv’s International Packages

DIRECTV offers a wide range of programs in its international packages; the Mandarin Programming being one of them. This package is exclusively designed for the Mandarin viewers who reside in the United States. Check out the latest entertainment from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

A Date with Lu-Yu Phoenix North America, Channel 2050: This is anchored by Chinas one of the most popular talk show hosts, Chen Lu-Yu. The program features Yu taking up current and controversial topics for discussion with her guests.

Sisy’s Show CTI Zhong Tian, Channel 2056: This is one of the most popular shows hosted by Sisy Chen, the immensely popular woman in Taiwan media world. Catch Chen debating on political, economical and social issues of contemporary relevance.

Mainland News TVB 8, Channel 2058: This program, as the name suggests captures the latest news from major Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjing, Chongqing, Hubei, Shangxi, Zhejiang, Liaoning and Jiangxu.

Find below the various Mandarin packages offered by DIRECTV in America:-

In this pack you will get eight Mandarin channels. A brief outline of these is given below:-

Phoenix NA TV: Find the latest news updates along with current affairs, updates from the financial market, dramas and documentary programs from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Some of the popular programs aired on this channel include Trendy Guide, Perfect Match, City Complex and Good Morning India.

Phoenix InfoNews: This happens to be the first foreign satellite channels that provides independent financial news and current affairs in Mandarin Chinese round the clock. Apart from these you will also get financial report, live coverage of critical events and much more.

CCTV-4: This is an international channel that features a wide range of programs that focus on Chinese history, culture, economics, politics and people in particular.

Charming China: Watch exclusive game shows, talk shows and a huge variety of programs in Charming China. Also watch a host of Chinese TV stations like Hunan TV, Beijing TV, Jiangsu TV, SETV, Zhejiang TV, Liaoning TV, the Travel Channel and New Entertainment.

Tai Seng Sat TV: Watch the choicest of TV series and movies from China, Hong Kong, Korea and Asia.
CTI Zhong Tian: Catch the latest and recent updates from news programs, trends in the financial markets and a host of entertainment programs.
TVBS: This channel is aired live from Taiwan and gives you the best news coverage. You can also watch some of the well known talk shows that include ‘Speaking Your Mind 2100’ and ‘News Night Club’.

TVB8: Watch a host of programs in TVB8 which include talk shows, sitcoms, news, dramas, travelogues and music.

Price of this package: $ 19.99/month.


TVB1: This channel features latest news from Hong Kong, popular TVB dramas and a host of entertainment shows including cartoons and travel episodes.

TVB2: This channel is complementary to the previous one and features similar programs like it.
TVB Entertainment: In this channel you will find the best of Asian hit movies from the bygone eras, music concerts, news and much more.

The 3 other channels in this pack include CCTV-4, Tai Seng Entertainment and TVBS. SABUNG AYAM