Check Price Rise Crisis: Hisense Inverter Air Conditioner Line Of Attack Mode

Home Network News HC : The face of constant speed Air conditioning Industry in June from the upcoming full-blown collective price increases, Hisense Announced dual-mode Inverter air conditioner Not raising their prices, but the frequency of 20 fluorine-free variety of dual-mode air conditioning products grab to curb price rise crisis through technology upgrade to eliminate the fixed speed air conditioning product costs, subsidies to bring down the amount of consumers adversely affected.

Industry experts pointed out that the air conditioning industry to vigorously promote the dual-mode inverter technology will become the curb in June from the fixed speed air conditioning prices the best way to storm.

Air conditioning business in general to prices

Set new efficiency standards for air speed from June 1 to officially take effect, the state Energy Subsidy from June 1 to substantially cut, double factors working together, in June from the air conditioning prices almost certain.

One is to upgrade efficiency standards will increase production costs, has pushed prices up.

AQSIQ, the State Standardization Administration of China recently released a new “room air conditioners limit value of energy efficiency and energy efficiency rating” mandatory national standard (hereinafter referred to as the new national standard), the new national standard will be in June 2010 1, into effect. Under the new national standard provides constant speed air conditioner (also known as fixed-frequency air conditioners, inverter air conditioner run compared to) the existing three, four, five of inefficient products will not meet the access threshold, enterprises can not produce the current 2 Energy efficiency in the new national standards into three, is the entry-level, the existing energy efficiency into a new national standard of two.

Under the new national standard, from June 1, the energy efficiency standards for entry-level energy efficiency levels from the original 2.6 to 3.2, an increase of 23%; two energy-efficient air conditioning energy efficiency value rose to 3.4 from 3.2. Substantially improve energy efficiency standards, air-conditioned material is bound to increase R & D and the cost, for example, some energy-saving technology is less advanced enterprises, must increase the air conditioning heat exchanger area, using more efficient compressors and other means to meet new energy efficiency requirements, this will clearly increase the product’s material and component costs, and promote an increase in prices.

The other is greatly reduced energy subsidies, prices will rebound in air conditioning.

Recently, the Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission announced the adjustment of energy efficiency standards for air-conditioning subsidies for the new subsidy from June 1 standard came into effect. Adjustment, the new one, two energy-efficient air conditioning can be subsidized, energy-efficient air-conditioning for the original two press into three new energy efficiency standards, loss of subsidized qualifications. A new, two energy-efficient air-conditioning subsidies for the amount reduced to 150-250 yuan each, while the corresponding amount of subsidies last year for the 300? 850 yuan, the most significant subsidies shrink over Qi Cheng.

Significantly reduce the amount of subsidy, if the enterprise can not take part or all of the bound manner through price increases borne by consumers.

In addition, the upgraded energy efficiency standards for energy-efficient air-conditioning compressor capacity planning, as well as rising raw material prices, air conditioning has become a push factor prices can not be ignored.

To promote dual-mode frequency is the best way to curb price rise

China Home Appliances Xu Bing, dean of Health pointed out that the state’s energy-saving air-conditioning subsidies for all the fixed speed air conditioning, but many people do not know; in fact, frequency Air conditioning energy efficiency Rating points 1-5, of which three inverter air conditioner energy efficiency, energy level higher than the national standard a new energy efficiency of constant speed air conditioners, inverter air conditioner is more obvious energy saving advantages. He said that with the price gap narrowed, consumers will bring more attention to energy-saving inverter air conditioner with better effect, in the near future, promising to replace fixed inverter air conditioner air conditioning became mainstream. Hisense Air Conditioning R & D vice president

Wang Chih-kang that since the dual-mode inverter air conditioner air conditioning and high speed small price difference between fixed, but more energy efficient, more comfortable and ready to come in order to effectively curb price rises fixed speed air conditioning, full vigorously promote products industry is the best way to dual-mode frequency. SABUNG AYAM