Chemical Fiber Industry Standardization In All Directions Depth Adjustment Cycle – Fiber, The

HC Chemical Network News, “Textile Industry Adjustment and Development Plan,” issued a 1 year time, which “strengthen the standardization system,” the content Fiber How do you ensure the industry? How to develop a variety of new fiber standards? “12 5” standard has given any new chemical significance? Reporters recently with these questions, interview, vice president of China Chemical Fiber Association, Zheng Shiying.

Reporter: chemical fiber industry has entered the depth of the adjustment cycle, the standardization work background changing?

Zhengshi Ying: The chemical fiber industry, the standardization work now really reached a critical stage.

First of all, our society Economy The development of the macro background, China’s comprehensive national strength, and we both enjoy the fruits of success, but also natural to assume the development of appropriate requirements. Standardization as a way of transforming the economic development an important part, will be “12 5” continue to play a role during the period. Secondly, I look at the development of chemical fiber industry, China’s chemical fiber production in 2009 reached 27.26 million tons, accounting for the world total of 2 / 3. Since 2007, China chemical fiber industry for the first time since net exports each year to maintain this situation, facing an increasingly complex international trade environment. Chemical industry to the need to use both standard and further improve product quality, break barriers, when they should assume the task of international standardization. Furthermore, ISO 2008, China became a permanent member of the Technical Committee and its textile products (TC38) Secretariat by our commitment to a more standard chemical fiber in China provided a favorable international environment.

Through the efforts of the International Organization for Standardization Chemical fiber Working Group (ISO/TC38/SC23/WG6) the role of convener focal point from standardized fiber?? Shanghai Textile Technology Authority Lu Xiuqin Association executive director, director and fiber unit?? Sheng Hong Sheng Hong Group Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. General Engineer Mei Feng Cooperation Commitment. Therefore, the industry now faces the dual task of domestic and international standardization.

Reporter: As of now, especially in the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, which made fiber standardization results?

Zhengshi Ying: the national standards for management under the unified arrangements, commissioned by the China Textile Industry Association, Chemical Fiber Association, give full play to the role of standardized technical focal point and continue to do business as the main chemical standardization.

As of 2009, the chemical standards in force in 37 national standards, industry standard 65, has been completed and has issued a plan yet to release, not yet completed a total of 48 industry-standard projects. Of these, 37 national standards in the common basic standards 2, 19 methodological standards, product standards 16; 65 industry standard method of standard 29, 36 product standards. Standard amount, form, content, all further development.

“Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, in the fiber system of standardization has been formed on the basis of standardization has been achieved in fiber results. First, shorter fiber standard revision cycle, improve the timeliness standards; second is the main chemical testing methods have basically completed the revision of criteria based on standard methods of standards and international standards of the task; third is to adjust the chemical standardization of the structure, improve level of differentiation, functionality, high-tech fiber standardization work steadily; fourth round to start carrying out chemical standardization; Fifth, to further improve the standard system, system entered a new stage; 6 is the standard chemical team has been strengthened, the quality of further improved; 7 is fiber to the international standardization work. SABUNG AYAM