Chengdu Implementation Park Parking Lot Entrances And Vehicular Traffic Separation Measures –

Recently, careful Chengdu people found Baihua Tan Park Parking lot Plus a number of Security Measures: blocking Road, Stone, pedestrian and Motor Vehicle Partition. Spring is the people who travel a good season, is located in the city center, several parks, a sudden increase in the number of visitors, but these parks pedestrian and vehicle entrances to share a channel, security risk is not small. March 2 and gardens from the Board of Forestry, Chengdu, news came following the Baihua Tan Park, the remaining parks will ensure that the Park Road car park entrances and sidewalks separated motor vehicle, stop Accidents Place.

Almost a roadway accident were not partition

3 2 in Baihua Tan Park parking lot entrance, I saw a motor vehicle 35 meters-long slowdown with it is conspicuous, and in the west parking lot entrance gate blocking the sidewalk of new stone to ensure the safety car, stop the motor car park from the sidewalk into the parking lot. Meanwhile, mobile alerts Road Cone “Sidewalk”, “Motor Drive” signs installed on the entrance sidewalk downhill lane with motor vehicles Road signs are very prominent.

“This is set up on February 9.” Baihua Tan Park, according to head of Huang Yan introduced at half past eight p.m. on January 8, 2010 about a Car Into the Park West Gate parking lot, due to speeding, nearly knocked down a pair of elderly couples, “though no injuries, but sounded the alarm.” Leadership of the incident by the Park, the main factor is the park entrance and pedestrian mobility car sharing a channel caused serious safety problems, the need to strengthen safety regulations management. Then the next day in the park entrance and the west gate of the South parking lot entrances and exits to establish security facilities to ensure park parking lot entrances and exits separate motor vehicle lanes and sidewalks. I understand that the park’s parking lot in Chengdu Motor Vehicle Road sidewalk and no partition, for buried a security risk.

Parking facilities are difficult to have become hidden behind

In addition, backward facilities, parking has become difficult for the park security concerns. “In the past no big parking lot, we all stop very far, very dangerous crossing the road.” Relevant person in charge 2, the zoo, said zoo tourists each year more than 1.5 million people, and because construction Zoo earlier, supporting infrastructure is relatively backward, The most prominent is the parking problem: one to the holidays, adults drive their children to the zoo and very difficult to find parking spaces, car for a long time, random vehicles parked outside the gate will be affected Sichuan and Shaanxi Road Zoo Traffic . The zoo is located in Sichuan and Shaanxi Road, east of the main entrance to the gate of a treaty to walk 300 meters long road, both sides are the old road past the shops, there are many mobile vendors, remediation up is difficult.

According to one official said, the time now to build gardens and many parks have long park facilities will also affect the number of visitors. “This year the Spring Festival, we carried out the north gate entrance road reconstruction and the surrounding green, the number of visitors increased.” Zoo officials said, nearly 8 million tourists this year’s New Year’s reached the park built since the bumper year after the statistics the park visitors who started a record high of more than 2-3 times the recorded peak, during the Spring Festival were a total of 144,087 tourists, up 20.4% over the same period.

Spring outing additional peak of park safety

Now is the spring, Chengdu, has ushered in the park public good season play out. It is understood that, in addition to Baihua Tan Park, Chengdu is a park will strengthen security measures to ensure the Park Road car park entrances and sidewalks separated motor vehicle, to prevent safety accidents. In addition, the children love the north gate entrance to the zoo parking lot will be further modified to create more than 20,000 square meters of green square. In the square below, will build a park over 500 cars a large parking lot, parking is difficult to solve the problem. Meanwhile, gradually add Chengdu, belonging to different parks to safety. SABUNG AYAM