Chi Chong First Instance Ruled That The Case Of The United States Doubled The Risk Of Imported

Results of first instance the local court finally announced in Boston.
“Daily Economic News” reporter yesterday (May 18) from Shenzhen Chi Chong Electronic Co., Ltd. was informed that local time on May 17, members of the grand jury ruled that the indictment of 32 charges, 12 charges are not set up, including a blacklist of companies exporting to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s allegations.

Was found guilty of the allegations against local judge will sentence on August 17 announced the results. Create electronic firms in Shenzhen Chi told the “Daily Economic News” journalists, including Wuzhen Zhou and others, including the defendants were said to be appealed.

Not the case sentencing Earlier media reports said the founder of the Shenzhen Chi Chong Wu Zhenzhou if convicted, could face up to 20 years in prison. The response to the latest results of trials, Shenzhen Chi Chong has been at the first time issued a statement to the outside world, open the case, and timely to clarify speculation that the outside world.

Shenzhen Chi Chong Rui Zhou head of the company, said the case, the case from April 5, 2010 trial, which lasted for 6 weeks time. At present, the grand jury members have formed the initial verdict, the sentencing court needs to wait until after 3 months. In the meantime, defense counsel’s decision will be unreasonable for the motion to the court asking the judge to change the verdict.

“Has yet to sentencing, the defendants face sentences of up to 20 years to say is exaggerated.” Said Zhou Rui, Wu Zhenzhou and Wei Yufeng two defendants, and U.S. companies will continue to appeal, upholding his innocence.

As high technology export controls related to the United States, Hong Kong Components Re in the position of the fundamental rights of Chinese in the United States and the Sino-US trade issues such as components, court case attracted wide attention from all sectors of society. During the trial, there are many Chinese present in the courtroom.

Wuzhen Zhou said: “Whatever the outcome of cases, more than 500 days sailed right along the face of a strong state apparatus, the U.S. bombardment, we did not fall, Chi Chong did not fall, in fact, we have won. We Chinese friends to appear in court to witness this process. “

Previously, Wuzhen Zhou wrote in the U.S. prison for more than a million words “prison diary”, he revealed the helplessness of the prison. Later diary online serial has aroused strong concern and eventually published earlier this year in the domestic public, and quickly became the best-seller.

In addition, according to the “Daily Economic News” to report, although a small number of Chinese companies before or individuals in the United States face similar prosecution, but as Wuzhen Zhou insisted that the grand jury hearing into the public process, the first case.

Affected Shenzhen Chi Chong Chi Chong
case of U.S. exports and U.S. hi-tech products and technologies closely related to export control.

Chi Chong case from the United States took place in December 2008, lasted more than 500 days, the U.S. government to use anti-proliferation of weapons the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation Investigation Division (CPI), the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement ( IC E), Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) and other sectors of the vast resources of the Chi Chong began a blanket investigation, all charges against the evidence information for up to 180 000, display evidence to the court as much as 600 copies of the list of witnesses as many as 99, the case for the size and complexity rarely seen in the United States federal court for many years.

A components distribution business of experienced senior person said that after the results of this trial, in this environment, China’s imports from the United States Semiconductor The risk of high-tech products such as doubling, “is not willing to comply with all U.S. export control laws and regulations, but the U.S. laws and regulations relevant departments in the inherent chaos and confusion, leading people do not know mine Where children. SABUNG AYAM