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Chiang Mai, Thailand, January 07, 2017 – With the growing number of Yoga studios, Yoga retreat centers, and yoga teacher training programs and yoga in Thailand and in Chiang Mai and the increase in number of students coming to study Thai Massage and Yoga. Chiang Mai is already the number one destination for studying Thai Massage and other forms of healing, now it also slowly emerges as a place for the study of Yoga. Chiang Mai is one of those special places were life just seem to be more relaxed, more laid back and more easy going. Once you are there you donÂ’t want to leave anymore. So being already the capitol for Thai Massage how can it also attract more yoga students.

A Yoga festival might be the perfect instrument to provide a boost for the Chiang Mai yoga scene and will be a great tool to promote Chiang Mai as a city for the practice of Yoga. This festival should last at least for a week. During this week all kind of different workshops can be given at different location and yoga studios in Chiang Mai. These workshops can be about Yoga or can be yoga related, like bodywork, dance etc. There can be a special market with all kind of healthy food. At night at a main stage live world music performances can be given. For 1 week Yoga will take the center stage in Chiang Mai. One of those festivals which can serve as a very good example is the spirit festival in Bali. For this festival yoga lovers from all over gather together to join the celebrations and the festival, in total more than 8.000 yogis come especially to Bali for this festival

The number one source of income for Chiang Mai are the tourists, so it is always looking for new streams of tourist. A yoga festival will be great, because the Yoga market is still growing explosively and it fits really well with the general feel of Chiang Mai. Also for the developing number of Chiang Mai yoga studios this would be an incredible chance to build up Chiang Mai is a city of Yoga and not just of a city of Thai Massage

By organizing this festival Chiang Mai would achieve two goals. The first one is to attract more travelers and Yoga students at the actual festival. But even more important for the long term positioning Chiang Mai as a city of Yoga. So within the Yoga world, Chiang Mai can grow into one of the places to visit. The Yoga students who are visiting the festival will see how great of a place Chiang Mai and will start to spread the word within the Yoga community. There are so many positives things about Chiang Mai which really connects to the Yoga community; Thai Massage, lots of healthy restaurant, great number of healers, workshops, low price range. All this could easily turn Chiang Mai and yoga in Chiang Mai in one of the Yoga hotspots in Asia.

To achieve a long lasting effect the Yoga festival should become an annual event. November would be the best time to organize it. Because this is the start of the cool season, which falls together with the beginning of the high season. During this time the weather is close to perfect and it also allows the visitors to stay longer in the high season.

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