Chicken and Arsenic Equals You Have Cancer

Honestly I don’t feel bad for the chicken; it is a stupid creature that can barely fly. They call birds fowl because, well, they are good for nothing except eating; they are like fish, but they live in atmosphere rather than the ocean.

Yes, it is rather uncomfortable to see the chickens inside the manmade domain, and yes, the fat in the un-athletic chicken is being passed to you. But that really isn’t the concern here.

For years the FDA has been saying, “No, no, no, there is no arsenic in chicken meat that is ridiculous”. The reason we would ask is because the chicken feed has arsenic in it.

Let me explain some of the situation, chicken feed that is what the chickens are going to eat for food. Kind of like how we eat chicken for our food.

Arsenic is a poison and is carcinogenic: meaning, if you are exposed to it you are liable to get sick with cancer. For the last twenty years the FDA has denied that the arsenic in the chicken feed made its way into the meat.

It wasn’t until just this year that (2011) the FDA admitted to trace amounts of arsenic in the meat we eat. They said, “Studies have conclusively shown that chicken meat has small amounts of arsenic, but it is at such a small level that it is still safe to eat”.

Personally I do not want to eat any arsenic, ever. That is just how I feel though.

So according to the FDA it is safe to eat cancer causing chemicals in small amounts-ok, sure, I’ll say that is fine, whatever. But at the same time, the FDA is making the vending of elderberry juice illegal.

Elderberry juice is a drink that is high in anti-oxidants and through every study ever done has been shown to be good for health. In 2006 Wyldewood was sent a letter saying his health claims were illegal.

So he hired a consultant familiar FDA rules and law, to modify the claims posted on his product. Five years later, in June of 2011, the FDA sent a raid into the company headquarters seizing all products, deeming it an unapproved drug.

Funny thing is anti-oxidants are known to help prevent cancer, where arsenic is known to cause it. What is happening with the food and drug association?

Now days you simply have to know for yourself what is healthy and not healthy. That is the simple fact of the matter; it is self-awareness and perhaps independence.
Sabung Ayam
Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial – 1969

Hear about it straight from The Colonel himself. (And no, that’s not him singing the jingle)
NOTE: This is a classic TV commercial, not a forum for debate of PETA/animal rights/politics.

Sabung Ayam