Chicken Breeds

Chickens are incredible pets and will not only lay you fresh eggs, but will kill pests and bugs around your yard and garden that may cause harm to it. In this article I have some of the top breeds of chickens that you should consider when buying your chickens. So lets get to the list, hopefully after reading you will be on your way to raising a bunch of friendly chickens!

Naked Neck chickens are strange looking birds, but are an extremely popular breed for pets. They lay eggs that are cream colored. They are very friendly chickens who are picked up and handled easily.

The Polish Bantam is known for its puffball crest. They are pretty tame birds and because they are small can be kept in smaller yards. The crests on the birds make them hilarious looking, but also allows them to be infested with parasites, so you need to de-louse them often.

Polish chickens can make great pets, they are friendly and lay white eggs. They have a tuft of feathers on their head which makes them very recognizable.

The next breed that are both great for laying eggs and as pets are the Rhode Island Reds and Whites. You should try to stay clear of the roosters in his breed though, as they can be pretty aggressive. These birds can handle most weather conditions without a complaint. This is probably the most famous chicken breed in the world and lays more eggs than almost any other chicken at about 260 a year.

The Barnevelder is one of the best chickens to get if you are really interested in getting a lot of eggs. They can lay around 200 brown eggs every year which makes them a very popular chicken breed. They are also beautiful birds.

Another great chicken for a small garden in your back yard is the Welsummer. It lays close to 200 eggs a year and makes a great pet.

This list was not supposed to tell you the only breeds of chickens to buy, but hopefully gave you a start in narrowing down your search of which breeds you think will be best for your yard and family. Chickens are a ton of fun to have in your yard and garden and make great pets for the family while providing you with fresh eggs. I hope you enjoy having chickens as pets as much as I do. Good luck finding your perfect chickens!
Sabung Ayam
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