Chicken Coop Basics

Every chicken coop needs to have a few basic things to make sure your chickens are healthy and happy. If you don’t have these basics then you are going to have unhealthy and unhappy chickens. If you think having a bunch of unhappy chickens running around your yard is fun then by all means do not listen to me, but if you want to have a group of friendly chickens then please take note of what I have to say. Let’s get started!

The Roost! This is where you chickens will most likely sleep every night. Chickens generally like to sleep in the highest spot in the coop because this is where they feel the safest. Chickens are aware that other animals like to eat them so they try to hide as high as they can get. Chickens also go to the bathroom while they sleep, so you definitely do not want your nesting boxes to be the highest place in the coop, if it is, they will sleep in them and they will poop in them. There is nothing worse than having your fresh eggs covered in droppings. I probably don’t need to mention this, but that also means do not have your nesting boxes directly below your roost, for the same reason of course. Make sure there is enough room for your chickens to get up and down from the roost without hurting themselves, but don’t worry too much about them needing a lot of space between them, chickens love to huddle up when they sleep.

The next crucial feature for your chicken coop is fencing around your coop. You need to keep your chickens safe from any predators in your area. Make sure that you have the entire area that your chickens will roam in fenced off. Also, if you don’t have a floor in your chicken coop you need to remember to dig down about 6 inches and put fencing under the dirt, this will prevent any animals from digging into the coop. There’s nothing worse than having an animal come in and kill your chickens.

The third requirement for a chicken coop is good spacing. For every chicken you have living in your coop you need to have at least three square feet. That is the minimum, a lot of people will tell you to have four, and I recommend this as well. If you are short for space then make sure you have three, and if you can’t give them that, then maybe you need to get less chickens.

You need to purchase a water heater and also a water tank that is big enough to hold enough water for you to go away for a little while and not have to fill it. This depends on how many chickens you have, but you do not want to have to fill it every day. The water heater is important because if your water freezes in cold weather your chickens will not be able to drink it, this is obviously a bad thing. Also, your feeder should be off the ground a little bit so your chickens don’t scratch it and don’t get stuff in it that you don’t want them eating.

The last thing I will list here is to make sure your chicken coop is well ventilated and that you can easily clean it out. It will get pretty dirty from droppings and you need to make sure you can clean it out easily. So if you can’t walk in, make sure you can open the roof or side panel.

Those are my basics that every chicken coop needs to have. Having these things will keep your chickens healthy and happy. Have fun with your amazing pets!
Sabung Ayam
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Cyberdyne | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

Sabung Ayam