Chicken Coop Maintenance Basic Tips

If you want to keep your chicken house as productive and healthy as possible, you need to do the things I mentioned below. You don’t spend that much time doing them and the benefits are clear, when you don’t get any diseased chickens. Just like any other creature, a chicken will need some care, to keep their health. It doesn’t mean you can’t take any vacation. It just means that you should take care of them whenever you can invest that little time.

First of all, you need to take care of water and food for your chickens. Make sure the hen house has plenty of water and food that is fresh. The chicken’s health will depend on the quality of the water and of the food that they get. This also has an effect on the quality of the eggs laid by the chickens. If you buy cheap chicken feed, you might lose money in the long run.

The price difference between food that is high quality and food that is low quality will not be that big, and in the long run quality food will increase the quality of your products. Don’t forget. What those chickens produce, you eat, so invest in your chickens. The nutrition is very important when it comes to the quality of the products you get from your chicken coop. Another important point is getting them fresh water. Just think how important the water is for a human. It’s not that different for a chicken. Since chickens will make the water dirty quick enough, you need to change it on a regular basis.

The second thing you need to pay attention to is that the watering places and the feeders are positioned in the right places and they’re clean. While this might be just basic stuff, you still need to know it and apply it. You need to realize how important the basics are. Since chickens will make a mess in their area quickly, you should clean it regularly.

You should also clean the water and food devices, either with water and bleach, or with soap that is food safe. If you use bleach and water, the ratio should be 10 to 1. After you clean them, use plenty of water to rinse.

The third thing to consider is that you should inspect the coop when you’re inside. Look for stuff that could let predators inside your coop. The last basic thing to remember is collecting the eggs. Enjoy the product of your work.
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