Chicken Coops And Runs – Tips While Installing Your Chicken Runs

Do you want to install chicken coops and runs for your pets? Then you should be very careful about planning and installing the runs. The coops are just designed for housing for chickens in a safe and secure environment.

Chicken coops and runs are constructed in such a way that it provides proper shelter and safety to your chickens. Chicken coops for sale can be found in community newspapers and agriculture newspapers. A properly constructed coop always protects your chickens from predators as well as weather conditions.

Now the question arises that what types of materials are used for constructing chicken coops and runs? Most of the chicken coops and runs are building up of lumber and chicken wire which are available in different sizes and shapes. We also use form of plywood which is called peg board. The peg board has multiple holes which allow air to flow through for good ventilation which is absolutely required for the health of chickens. Chicken coop kits are available in various packages at various shops. This package includes nails, bolts, nests, boards, fencing, nuts and roofing material. According to the instructions, you can simply construct the chicken coops very easily.

There are some tips which you should keep in mind while installing the chicken coops and runs because the health and life of chickens totally depends upon it. These tips are given below:

First of all, search the right place for your birds. Always remember that chicken coops runs face the eastern sky. Because the rays of the sun makes the run warm and the chicken loves to enjoy this warmness.

There should be proper ventilation.

As we know there are various kinds of predators which can attack the chickens from anywhere. So it is necessary to plan for fencing the top of the run. In this way, the chickens will be protected from attacks of hawks, eagles, raccoons and owls.

Cleanness is must in runs. So try to build two runs so that your chicken can use one while the other is being cleaned. Always try to do properly clean and maintain it.

Therefore, chicken coops and runs are considered as best treatment and simple way to care for your birds. A well-constructed chicken coop increases the chances of producing happy and healthy chickens.
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