Chicken Coops for Preppers

Raising chickens in the yard is nothing new people have been doing it for centuries. Though now with the recent increase in emergency preparation or anything Prepper raising chickens has again become popular.

Having a few chickens in a coop in your yard or next to your shelter is a good way to begin your preparations by increasing and providing for sustained food production. Besides it would be nice to have something to mix with your rationed food in the event of an extended situation, rice and beans will only go so far.

There are several advantages to chickens other than a food source; chicken manure is very good as a fertilizer. They are also great for tilling and aerating the ground and pest control (they eat bugs too).

Also, in many prepper situations space is at a premium and done right chickens do not take up much space. Putting your money in some hens and a rooster and a portable coop would be an excellent and very cost effective way to recycle garden waste, fertilize your yard, control insects and provide meat and eggs. A portable chicken coop is great because when they deplete one area you can just move the chicken coop to a new spot.

What to look for in a portable chicken coop? There are many different shapes and styles of chicken coops available so finding the right chicken coop for your budget and your yard should not be difficult. Construction of course is number one. It has to be sturdy to stand up to the elements. It has to withstand being moved occasionally and should be designed for moving from the beginning.

What features do you look for? Nesting boxes and an enclosed section with a floor, the chickens need a place to get out of the weather and a place to lay their eggs. Also depending on where you live they may need protection from predators. Well designed chicken coops will have a pick up tray to make gathering eggs easier. Easy access should be provided for the chickens to get in and out. Most portable chicken coops have some kind of skids to slide on when moved. And last but not least a pen. You will need a wire pen that is either part of the chicken coop or can be easily attached or re-attached when the coop is moved.

What kind of chickens should you get? Knowing which types of chickens to raise for a particular need will save time, money, and increase the quality and production levels of your survival chickens. Preppers obviously want eggs and meat so which are the better breeds?

If you are looking for meat and eggs you want what they call Dual-purpose breeds. These include several American and English breeds of chickens. American breeds were developed for dual-purpose use on farms. These include the Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire, and Wyandotte.

If you are more interested in egg production look towards White Leghorns they are large producers of white eggs. If you want brown eggs look at Golden Comets and Red Sex Links. As a kind of general rule chickens with white ear lobes give white eggs, and chickens with red ear lobes give brown ones.

If you are more concerned about meat production you want something that grows fast and puts on weight. The Cornish Cross is a breed created by crossing a White Cornish with a White Plymouth Rock. These are low maintenance and can reach 12 pounds in as little as 8 weeks.

Raising chickens in your back yard is a wise investment something almost any Prepper can do. It can also be a lot of fun.
Sabung Ayam
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