Chicken feed

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Sabung Ayam
15th Annual Tour de Skyline (TdS)
RIDE INFORMATION: $50 (fees included) for 2-day slot. Funds go to provide for SAGS, massage therapists, NPS permit, and other related expenses.  Sorry for the drastic increase in rate.  This is required to pay for the Nat'l Park Service's permit which we have been avoiding for years.  If you participated last year you know we cannot avoid it any longer.  This is a non-profit event and the fees are non-refundable. This is NOT a USAT sanctioned event.  Once you have successfully registered for the ride, then call the Quality Inn in Waynesboro at (540) 942-1171 to make your reservations. The block of rooms are being held under "RATS." We only have 15 doubles, and 5 kings. You'll need to room with a partner to ensure all 40 particpants have a place to stay. Rooms are $85/each.  There will be two SAGS: one for the faster ½ as well as overnight bags and massage therapists; the other for slower ½ and those with day bags and other special nutrition needs. You will be seeded based upon your expected ride time. If you need to switch please coordinate with BOTH SAG drivers.  Ride starts at 9:00 (please arrive between 8:30 and 8:45) from Dickey’s Ridge parking Lot (near mile 5 on the Drive) where we will make brief announcements, introductions, and take a group picture. Those who ride at slower paces are encouraged to head directly south on the Drive, while the more adventurous/faster pace riders coast down the Ridge to the North to begin their ride from the Park entrance. Just let your SAG driver know in advance your plans. SAG supported water stops at (33mi) Panorama (Thornton Gap) and Loft Mountain(80mi). SAGs will stop at mile 51 for lunch (Big Meadows).  All riders MUST wear helmets (Nat’l Park Policy) and RECOMMEND gloves and glasses. If there is fog, Park regulations also stipulate a blinking red light and headlight visible 100 feet away. Highly recommend applying ample chamois cream/butter to sensitive nether areas prior to both departures National Park Service, Skyline Drive Hotline Information: (540) 999-3500 RIDE FACTS:  Ride is HILLY, not mountainous—around 20,000 feet in the two days. Want to see it in real life? Here you go: Hardest portion of entire ride is first 6 miles (Park entrance to Dickey Ridge): If you can do that, you can do the whole ride. Drive climbs nearly 3,000ft in this initial climb. 109 miles each way (105 on Skyline Drive, 4 from Drive to motel on U.S. Hwy. 250) Highest point on Skyline Drive is Skyland (Mile 42) No turns until mile 105 when you make a tight right (170 degree) onto U.S. hwy. 250 (which becomes Main St.) and then coast into Waynesboro and the hotel on the left. SAGs All the following items should be packed in ONE bag that will be given to the SAG wagon prior to departure from Dickey Ridge: Any special potions, concoctions, you’ll need during the ride which you’ll pick up at either of the two water stops or lunch Your lunch for Day 1 & 2 (or money for hot food at Big Meadows) Casual clothes you’ll wear after the ride—and running shoes for those who want to ‘brick’ or ROB as the Aussies’ call it (Run Off Bike). Post ride drinks (e.g. Endurox, Recoverite, etc.) and food (protein and carbohydrate dense) Money for hotel, dinner, massage Fresh set of cycling clothes for next day’s ride, if you have extra wheels, bring them. Chamois butter/creme for post-ride and pre-ride the next day  THINGS TO CARRY WITH YOU ON THE BIKE: Shenandoah Nat’l Park pass ($10 per visit for bike or $30 for year for car and bike), can purchase at entrance (don’t leave in car after entering Friday–you’ll need the pass to enter the Park from the south on Saturday.) Cell phone for emergency purposes and ability to call SAG wagon (571-379-0251) if need arises (may not get signal on all portion of Skyline Drive). Clothing in layers. Weather can change by the minute on Skyline Drive and you won’t always have access to the SAG so I suggest you pack clothes for every possible type of inclement weather. It could be the 30s and raining, or hot and in the 90s. (recommend arm warmers, knee warmers and a vest—also a rain jacket if it looks like rain—otherwise in your bag in the sag) 2 spare tubes and pump or CO2 cartridges. At least 2 (preferably 3 or 4) 28 ounce water bottles full of water and/or sports drinks (Gatorade, Accelerade, Perpetuem, Amino vital, etc.) prior to start of ride Money to purchase food and or drinks during ride. Some food and drinks will be provided by Club free of charge along the route.  TdS Dinner Friday May 1st in Waynesboro, VA We will be reserving virtually the entire Italian restaurant of Scotto’s located at: 1412 West Broad Street Walking distance from hotel Waynesboro, VA 22980-2438 Phone: 540-942-8715 Fax: 540-949-5464 E-Mail: [email protected] Full menu: We hope to start dinner by 6:30PM but may come in shifts due to 2-3 SAGs Scotto's is within walking distance of the hotel (500m)  FAQ for TdS: What is the Tour De Skyline? Mind you, that's Le Tour de Skyline. Some respect please. Le Tour de Skyline (TdS) is two-day ride from Front Royal to Waynesboro (day one) and back (day two) along Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. Said another way, TdS is two days, 220-miles, 20,000 feet of climbing, and too much fun. Even though TdS has a nice three-letter acronym, it's much more casual than you would think. Roads are not closed, there are no aid stations, and there are certainly no t-shirts. When is le Tour de Skyline? TdS started as a Friday-Saturday excursion before Mother's Day, but it has since wandered about the calendar, usually between early May and early June. Why Friday? If you are not willing to skip work on Friday in order to put rashes on your bum and pain in your legs then you don't really want to do this ride. Also, when the ride is properly scheduled it keeps us out of trouble with mom. Oh, you mean this year?  What is SAG? SAG means different things to different people. For le Tour de Skyline SAG is solely there to transport clean clothes from Front Royal to Waynesboro and dirty clothes from Waynesboro to Front Royal. Unless you really annoy the organizers and/or are very fast, you will be able to access your SAG bag at the 51-mile marker (at the Big Meadows service area). Will there be a massage? Ahhh, the secret is out. Yes, we will have at least one massage therapist in the SAG vehicle. Massages will be available at the tune of $1 minute, but only to those people who make it to Waynesboro. You must be nice to the massage therapist because he will be carrying your laundry back to Front Royal (you hope).  So if it's 35-degrees and raining, can I hitch a ride with SAG? Nope. Tough it out, we know you can. Oh yeah, bring a good selection of clothing because weather on Skyline Drive can be unpredictable.  Will there be someone who can ride my pace? Not always. We suggest you befriend the mountains, they complain much less and they will never say no to a ride.  Is there a cue sheet? No. There are no turns. Well, there is one turn, sorta two, to get to the hotel, but we'll tell you about that only if we're in a good mood on Friday morning. If people stop asking us these silly questions we may actually find time to print out a profile chart from our nifty Topo 6.0 software (which, btw, claims the ride is closer to 15,000 feet of climbing each way, but we're not yet convinced.)  What happens if a bear hits me or I otherwise wreck? First, the chances of running into a bear, literally, are less than you may think. They are fast buggers. Still, it could happen. A wreck, however, that is much more likely. Everyone handles wrecks differently and we're sure that however you personally handle wrecks on your own will work just fine for le Tour de Skyline. If you're lucky, a kindly person will drive by; if you're really lucky it may be someone driving your laundry around.  Will my cell phone work? In Waynesboro? Maybe. In Front Royal? Maybe. On Skyline Drive … well, maybe if you are on a ridge, but we wouldn't count on it. Doubtful in the valleys.  I've heard Skyline Drive is hilly, but is it *really* hilly? TdS is hilly–there is very little flat–but it is not steep. You are either climbing or descending for 98% of the distance. The hills themselves are mostly between two and three miles in length. Except, of course, for the initial climb, which is more like six miles, just to get things started properly. What about food? We've said it once and we'll say it again: Most people can finish this ride if they feed themselves during the ride (and get enough saddle time in order to condition their bum). There are stores at MP 24, 51, and 80, each with a fair selection of sugary treats. MP 51, Big Meadows has a restaurant and a larger selection of sugary treats. There is water and restrooms at MP 4 and 32. Cannot guarantee they’ll be open (NPS discretion). You can only count on getting to your travel bags (SAG) at MP 51, where there is already a cornucopia of food. But it is handy to swap clothes, etc.  What's the deal, I thought this was supposed to be fun? Since you've managed to read to the end of this drivel, we'll let you in on a little secret. While you may wreck, hit a bear, be cold with a sore butt, ride by yourself for 7 hours only to miss out on the last massage spot, chances are better than 5 in 100 that your Tour de Skyline adventure will be better than that. How much better? That depends solely on you. You may find it easy to access SAG to swap gear, find a helpful mechanic to fix your busted spoke, hook up with a small group of people riding your pace, get a nice massage and really enjoy yourself. You may even make it all the way back to Front Royal on the second day, but don't count your chickens until they hatch.  Our point is this: while these things may happen, you MUST NOT count on them happening. You MUST approach this ride as if it was a self-supported journey with valet parking for your laundry. We only guarantee that we'll bring one moderately sized bag from Front Royal to Waynesboro and back. You will have a room to sleep in, and perhaps even a cot or, if we've done our homework, a bed. In addition to that we'll guarantee that you'll be tired and probably enjoy a good milkshake on Saturday.