Chicken Houses: Things You Need

Are you planning to start a poultry business? Before you tart this type of business, you need to have those necessary materials like the chicken houses. Chicken houses are very important since your chickens need to have a comfortable place where they could stay and lay their eggs comfortably. This will also serve as their shelter from bad weather. There are already a lot of readily made chicken houses in the market and also online that you can buy. But for quality assurance and if you want to have the design that you want, then you could always build your own chicken house. Before you could actually build your own chicken house, you need to have the following factors:

Materials Needed: It would be impossible for you to build chicken house if you don’t have the necessary materials. The materials needed may include the following; wood, ply wood, and carpenter tools. These materials are all available at any wood hardware. But the only concern that you will have is you are the one to go to the hardware and pick up the things that you will buy. But in case you want them to be delivered in your place then you need to pay the delivery fee. But then, try to check different stores for prices.

The Pattern/Style/Design: If you already have your materials wiry you, then you need to deal next with the style or the design. Choose the appropriate pattern that would fit your hen’s needs. Refer to somebody who is skilful in carpentry. Or, you can check the internet for patterns so you can have wide options to deal with. Don’t also fail to consider the space of the chicken coop you need for all of your chickens.

Budget: Building your own chicken houses in your backyard will also cost you money but the only difference is that you are assured when it comes to its quality. Try to canvass different stores or hardware so you could also check the prices of the materials that you needed. It would be better if you have lists of the materials that you need and take note of the prices of each store that you visit.

Aside from those factors mentioned above, there are also other important factors that might be needed in building chicken houses. So, make sure that you have all the things that you need to make everything possible.
Sabung Ayam
Chicken Cordon Bleu

Get the details of this recipe (in English) here:

Chicken Cordon Bleu is a dish made with chicken breast wrapped around ham and cheese. It is then breaded and cooked by either frying or baking. This video that will show you how to make Chicken Cordon Bleu uses the oven to cook the chicken.

Aside from using chicken, other versions of this recipe makes use of a cutlet, cured meat such as pork, and cheese. A famous method of making chicken cordon bleu is to slice the chicken by butterflying it and then place a thin slice prosciutto (Italian bacon) inside or ham. A slice of cheese is also needed. Roll the chicken to contain the ham and cheese while letting bread crumbs stick to it. Bacon can also be used instead of ham.

Chicken Cordon Bleu is also known as Blue Ribbon Chicken.

Sabung Ayam