Chicken Names to Choose From For Your Pet

Believe it or not, chickens make very good pets, and they can provide you with food in the eggs they lay. They are easy to take care of and easy to feed and you don’t need to keep them inside the house. Of course, if you have a pet chicken, you want to give it a name, which will lead you to search for a list of chicken names to choose from. If you liked the story of Chicken Little who thought the sky was falling, you may choose some of the names from that story. Even though some of these names are not chicken names, it would be rather amusing to name a chicken Goosey Lucy or Turkey Lurkey.

You can also take a stab at some of your nemesis or rivals by naming the chickens after them. Even if you think would be too mean, you could go with shortened forms of any names, such as Betty, Aggie, Maggie, Tillie, or Nettie. Chickens seem to respond well to names that end in a long e sound. What about the names of chicken used as food, such as BBQ, Fried, Baked, Roast or even Nugget, or Drumstick.

Harry Potter fans who have chickens as pets could name the chickens after Hogwarts characters, such Hermoine, Dumbledore or Rowena. Another option could be to name the chickens after the houses of Hogwarts. The same could be said of favorite movies or books. There are numerous names of characters and places that you could use as names for your pet chicken that will show which movies and types of literature are your favorites.

Chook is a very common name for a chicken. When you hear people feeding chickens you hear them calling “Here Choock, Choock, Choock.” Although they are not calling the chickens by name but are using one name to call all of them, there is nothing wrong with using this as the name of one of your chickens. You can also think of the sound that chickens make and use the name Cluck. If you have tow chickens in the pen, then you could call, “Here Chook, Cluck. Here Chook, Cluck”. Other suggestions could include Chickee, Chicklet, Chickadee or Chickory.

The names of flowers and plants have always been popular names for all pets. Daisy, Rosie, Lily, Pansy, Violet, and Daffy (for Daffodil) are suitable names. You can also use the names of the months, especially if you got the chickens in different months of the year. Why not look at using the names of the days of the week?

The problem that you may have with naming your chickens is that if they all look alike, how will you distinguish one from the other? Before you name them, try to find some distinguishing characteristic of each one that will help you to remember their individual names. The names you choose can be as funny or as serious as you want, but they should be ones that won’t be embarrassing to you when others hear you calling the chickens.
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